Monday, 14 January 2008


Phew, it was quite a wild weekend in Tallinn I have to say. Many Bonds and gorgeus girls, I think there were more than 200 people at the venue. And veryvery strong drinks. After the party we still went to a club (that had a great logo, otherwise it's all a blur) and then back to the hotel for an afterparty so yesterday was quite slow for me. I went for the second outfit and it was a good choice because people were quite fancy at the party. Im not much of a picture poster of myself but I'll put some of the party anyway since I've already drawn the outft before.

It's gonna be a long week with a lot of work and I have so many things I want to post here - a whole bunch of outfits I've spotted on others. And a lot of other stuff. But first things first, I have to make a living too. But most of all I'd just like to stay in bed all week just reading magazines and drinking apple-strawberry smoothies.

The Bond girl and one of the many Bonds

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Michelle said...

I LOVE your outfit, you're totally a Bond Girl! Haha, all you need now is to ensnare Daniel Craig ;)