Thursday, 5 June 2008


There's been an awful lot of pictures just on me in this blog lately.
(Um, well ok, this is my blog yes, but a little variation is always good, right?)
And since I have lot's of gorgeus friends and two lovely sisters all with their own great style I thought I'd give them a little space here too. First up is my younger sister C. She can sometimes be very girlie with hair extensions, flowing skirts and all made up nails but sometimes she's quite the tomboy. C has freckles and very red hair ( although she has been colouring it lighter for years). In a way we don't look the same at all, but in a way we do. People can still always tell we are sisters!

I have no idea what she is wearing in the pick but it's cute anyway.

She's going to kill me now for putting this here but I think this is an awsome pick, us in 1985 or -86, before our youngest sister was born:


ina said...
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ina said...

Hähä. =)

The trousers I bought are looking quite the same as C's, but they are having different kinds of pockets. And mine are blue-greyish. But maybe they still are Gina Tricot? Gosh, that store is getting too much attention from me! People will think I promote them or something.

annabananna said...

lovely! tell c. i really like her hair!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Ina : Haham Ina-Gina. Or Gina-Ina :P

Annabananna : I'll be sure to tell her, she'll be rally happy to hear that since she's been a bit unsure about her hair lately!

Kathrynsky said...

Amazing blog!!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Kathrynsky : thank you, glad you like it :)