Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Cardigan - Gina Tricot
Blouse - My Mom's old
Skirt - Selfmade
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Mango
Scarf in hair - old, the mouse on the floor belongs to my cats :)

I could call this post meeting #4, but hey, let's skip that whole meeting-thing already. But I did meet a new client today. A friend of mine is moving to Japan and he sort of passed this job over to me. I like it, a lot of things tend to go this way for me; I just stumble upon these jobs without having to do so much to get them. But that has made me a bit lazy though. That's why I felt like a really good girl today - after the meeting I went to take care of some bank stuff I should've done long ago, later I filled in some papers for my business, finally bought new bags for my vacuum cleaner and washed my floors.
And I still have time for pilates and a fashion show in the evening!!



WendyB said...

Love this color!

Katarina at Campadre said...

What at cute shirt! I have found other good looking shirts and summer dresses on, Check it out :-) for a great summerlook.

love kat

Me said...

Oh, H&M, how I love those little red shoes!

ina said...


Siljesfashion said...

Very nice. Love how the red items make the outfit pop!

Dotti said...

I go crazy about this damn cuuuuuute outfit and the fact that you took a picture with your cat's mouse in it and realized it later – I guess.

Leila+Is+Surrounded said...

oh cute !

Anonymous said...

Great work with colors! You're such a Pin Up girl!

Amber said...

Red, white, and black is definitely one of the best and classiest color combinations out there.

Anonymous said...

I love this look! .. the headband really makes it.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You look really sweet today. It's exciting to hear about all your meetings and friend just graduated from college and she can't find a job anywhere--that is frightening!

annabananna said...

wow, sounds like a busy day! but also like fun, and you look super-cute! i hope you won't be mad, but you do look a bit like good'ole gwen stefani here. in a great way!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

WendyB: thanks

Katarina: the link didn't work but I think it should be inwearShop? I'll check it out yes

Beka : and they're really comfy too!

Siljesfashion : thank you

Dotti : Those small mice are everywhere at home and I really didn't think about at the moment of the picture but figured it needed some explanation ... :)

Leila & Nadine : thanks

Amber : yes it always works well

Nuvonova : thank you

The Clothes Horse : I've been quite lucky with some of my commissions. Finding work can be l difficult, and in most fields of work you have to do a lot of shit at first...that's why I'm self employed. I still can't live just out of my commissions, I work with other stuff too. I hope your friend finds something!

Annabananna : Thanks, I think Gwen is quite fab!

Anonymous said...

Wearing these outfits, You make me think of Nicole Kidman in Dogville !