Sunday 7 September 2008


Bling bling bling.

Some time ago I was given the Brilliant Weblog Award by a creative and stunning lovely lady,Rascal Kosher. Thank you dear!

I have received the award a couple of times before already, but passed it on the first time only so perhaps it’s time to do so again...

I'd like to award:
* Vintage Darling, who already gave the award to me once. Everything in her her world seems so crispy and sugar-coated, in a very good way.

* Wendy B, for smart and funny reading

* Underbara Clara, the first blog I started following. She seems so genuinely happy.

* The Suburban Queen, with her very own style and creative way of dressing, often with an ecological touch.

*Last but not least I’ll give it right back to Rascal, since it’s always delightful to visit her blog.

I’m not so picky with the rules and weather you pass it on or not. Sometimes it’s just fun to get a little appreciation. (The "rules" and award-image can be found here and here).

And then some soft-Sunday music for you again, Rose Murphy:

(This was about the only one I could find at Youtube, not the exact song I had in mind but I think her tiny sweet voice goes well for Sundays no matter what song…)


WendyB said...

Thank you very much!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

You're very welcome!

nitovuori said...

Thank you!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

You were both faster than me :) You're welcome Vasiliisa!

Anonymous said...

thank you darling for giving me this award, i am really sorry that i'm not blogging anymore (for a while). my life is very complicated and sad at this moment. but let's hope that i could join you in the blog universe sometime in a very near future :)

lots of kisses!