Thursday 4 June 2009


Last time when I made my ’photo an hour’ I got some comments on the fact that I didn’t seem to work that much :)

Well, that’s true for some days, since I work periodically – when I work in the harbour I work a lot and thus have almost as much free time after that, when I normally work with my design business. But sometimes I work with both things during one day. On top of that I do burlesque related things almost daily during a more hectic period, weekly if there aren't any new numbers or shows coming up. (And no I don’t sleep that much). But then again I have the advatage of sometimes making my weekend five days longer if I wish to!

So, this time it's time for a different photo an hour (from a few weeks back actually since I postponed this one a bit); Thursday.

9:00I have breakfast by the window and read about all those festivals and jamborees I won’t have the time to visit this summer (but about the gigs I will!). Then I finish a design job I've been working on and send the final files to print.

I go for some jogging in the allotment gardens nearby - I love to watch the tiny over decorated houses and their plants! (When I am outside and look up to my window my cats are always sitting there. I wonder if they recognize the tiny little me on the ground through the window?)

I drive to another part of town, where all the houses are in pastel colours and have small towers and pinnacles. I go to see to a seamstress (I guess in this case I'm entitled to write my seamtress :). She's making me a corset for an upcoming number of mine.

And then it’s vroom vroom off to work

Time to change
Then I go on with the loading hundreds of meters and hundreds of tons of cargo on to ships. Or, I do not load myself. I organize and supervise.

I receive a strange but pretty sweet gift from one of the harbour guys. A framed portrait of Marilyn and some smoothies.

Time for the obligatory milkshake of the day!

There's a nice sunset in the harbour. Sunsets are always nice by the sea.

I come home to two waiting kitties, some trash mail and a sea of shoes.

Pretty much how this Thursday's been so far too, except for I went to the doctor's and not the seamtress before work. And no gifts received today...yet.

EDIT : Amazing - a while after posting I did receive a present! (yes I blog during work hours). I got a book this time. From the same guy.


WeirdRockStar said...

Love the sunset, love the blue pants, love how the kitty is greeting you by the doorstep!

Rhia said...

Have to say that your job at the harbour intrigues me =) it sounds so exotic and exiting! How on earth did you end up in a job like that? Lovely work colleague you got there, giving prezzies every day =) I want one just like that!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Weird Rock Star : Thanks! Those are the only pants I ever wear :)
And yes the kittycats are always there for me, it's ratherheart breaking...

Rhia : I started there part time at the same time I started my studies, when I was only 19 (so I've been there a LONG time). Now I am The Supervisor and can stay pretty much indoors hehe. (I have great colleagues btw, but I relaly don't get pressies every day!)

Chelsea said...

I think you have an admirer. Your corset looks lovely from the little pic.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Chelsea : Yes I know. He's a little bit crazy. The corset did turn out great :)

Andrea Eames said...

Haha, you definitely have an admirer! Oh well, free stuff. ;) (Just kidding).

BLANK said...

Oh that's so cute you have an admirer! But the important question is: is it a good book?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

A Cat of Impossible Colour : Yeah free stuff hehe :)

Poppy : Well yes actually! It was a book abound the Helsinki harbours during tha pst 100 years, with lots of old photos. So interesting at least for me!

Esz said...

You have such a lovely NON-nine-to-five day :-) One day I will break free of the bounds of the office (even though its a good one).

And your kitties are ever so faithful and loving - they look so longingly out that window! So cute.

Your job at the harbour seems such a world apart from your burlesque :-D

Ilona said...

So you work at the harbour? It must be nice to do something really different between burlesque shows and designing :)

I have been thinking I should get some 'real' job as well, to get myself away from my pc every now and then.

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

This is wonderful. I love the photo an hour concept! And the pics are great. You lead a very interesting life.

Good for you! Love the kitties too!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Esz : yeah I've never really done the nine-to-five thing. And yup, it's a huge contrast, soemtimes I go do a show right after work and I fix the hair and face at work and then drive off, that's when you really feel the difference :)

Ilona : yes I've been there for ages. And you're rightm sometiems it feels good with some 'real' heavy work!

Cheryl Lynn : Well sure it's pretty different form the basic nine to five yes :)

Parapluie said...

This is wonderful!

j said...

Kiva postaus, ihanat kissat :)
Mitä sun aamiaisessa oli muuta kun persikoita?

WendyB said...

I can't believe someone would think they know all about your life from what is basically a creative exercise.

Sayuri said...

I also have two really different jobs and I love both of them! And, btw, I think we deserve a pic of your harbor outfit. Pretty sure is a bit different of the day-by-day but still woderful!

Bella Di Nonna said...

Your harbour job sounds like really interesting work - must be nice having such a varied day with so many different people - and cats, too.

Cup Of Kitten Tea said...

Aww, he must think your a Marilyn Fan, it was her 83rd birthday this week, so perhaps not so weird as the smoothies and the book. Its lovely to be loved <3

Lizabeth said...

No day is complete without a milkshake :)

I like to pretend they cure cancer as well.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

J : on ne kivoja joo. SIellä oli viikunoita ja mysliä muttei pähkinöitä.

WendyB: Of course not, there's still a lot left out!

Sayuri: So what do you do then? Hehe, maybe there will be a harbour pic here one day then :)

Bella Di Nonna : Well it's really hard from time to time but my colleagues are grea, there are a lot of personalities around here!

Toulouse : it is lovely to be loved yse :D

Lizbeth : Let's hope they do, in that case I'm safe!

Sayuri said...

law and music. So different and yet so great!

Sayuri said...

law and music. So different and yet so great!

Sayuri said...

law and music. So different and yet so great!

Leia said...

Beautiful pictures! What work do you do at the harbour? :)

Miss T said...

Ihana postaus. Upea blogi, upea tyyli, upeat leimat. Me like.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Leia : It's a bit hard to explain I'm a cargo agent. It is up to us to see that the cargo loading goes correctly, everything that goes onborard passes trough us.I'm a supervisor so I also fo osther stuff liek check papers and people's salaries etc.

Miss T: Kiitos!

~Rubyredruca~ said...

I love your pictures! Are you a longshoreman?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Rubyreduca : mjaah not really, something between a ship's cargo agent and terminal operator. I do work with stevedores / longshore men, but kind of supervise their work togethter with the stevedore supervisor and organize traffic and manage the cargo just before loading adn provide the loading officers with the info needed during loading. (phew, that was a long sentence :)

~Rubyredruca~ said...

Cool. Me and my husband are longshoreman in the Port of Los Angeles. Your job sounds like the people we call super intendents over here.

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