Monday 3 May 2010


Some phone-pics and such* from Valborg (the holiday weekend that just went by).

Judging from the pictures you tend to be left with afterwards you'd think it's all about blowing those party-thingies (what are they called, really?), opening bottles and having lots of bubbly.

Well, that's what it is really all about.
In a lot of different places over two days.

*) Two are with Hipstamatic, the brownish ones were regular pics I photoshopped to get a kind of similar look.


stephanie said...

In Brazil we call it (if we translate it in a raw way) 'mother-in-law-tongue'

Seems like you had fun! May day here in Curitiba is not a big deal...

pumps & luiers said...

looks so much fun - love the hair! I celebrated with a costumeparty

Veronica Darling... said...

I love using the hipstermatic on the iphone, my Husband takes the best photos with it!

Happy May! We don't really celebrate it here in Australia!

Sam Harvey said...

did you ever find your frigerater green heels? love the vintage effect on the photos. you got skills!

Ilona said...

In Finnish it's just called 'käärmepilli'... I just interwieved a owner of a Finnish "pilailupuoti" a couple of days ago :)

But the Brazilian way sound a lot funnier :D

Unknown said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I have nominated you to a Blog Award, if you want to know more:
It´s writen in swedish, if thats a problem let me know:)
You have a gorgeous blog!
Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures!
look like you really had fun that day :D