Friday 11 June 2010


I've been running around on meetings and doing errands and renovating. In other words, I've been way from the internet most of the time and that makes me feel terribly isolated.
(Such a 21- century problem, getting all anxious after couple of days away from the internet!)

But with the flat; we're getting there. (There's not too much else to blog about this week I'm afraid :)
The living room is getting it's wall paper and I've put the old, cleaned light switches back on.

A lot of thing s will be in my favorite color combination, pearl grey and white (as seen in my header among other things). The door frames for example.

My mom was cleaning out one of the closets and saved this tin jar for me. Fazer is the biggest company (and also and one of the oldest) of bred, biscuits and most of all sweets, in Finland.

We are also keeping the original wardrobe closet. I planned to paint the closets sky blue but there was a lot of pink over from the kitchen. Alas, closet is now pink.

And the kitchen is coming up. We're making it pretty much the same as the original kitchen, only with some modern benefits. Some parts were bought ready but we have also ordered some items handmade from a carpenter. We've kept the original door handles from the old kitchen.

Eddi put up the tiles yesterday. Kitchen will be ready today and I'm off now to pick up some more wall paper we've ordered!


Tifa DeLeone said...

Oohhh exciting! :D

ina said...

I'm so waiting to see it Saturday!

FairyFiligree said...

These are some of life's most exciting moments - nesting.... such fun. hope you will settle happily in your new home.

Frau Kirschvogel said...

I absolutely adore the fanstastic graphic style of the illustration on that fazer box thingy. Love ♥

Lisa said...

Looks Great! Can't wait to see the finished flat!

Neat light switch covers! I wish I could find large circular covers here in Canada! Is that normal in Finland?

Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

Margosoriginals said...

I know what you mean- my laptop charger has been broken, so just waiting for the new one in the mail has caused me such anxiety! I've been getting to work early just to check my emails/blogs/etc! lol

stephanie said...

i'm completely in love with the switch!!

maegan said...

Wow, that wallpaper is adorable. Where do you order your wallpapers?

pumps & luiers said...

things are progressing really well!

btw marriage is tomorrow!!!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Lisa : I don't think it's that common anymore, they are mostly square. But we are re-using the originals ones from 1960, the ones we could. Some had to be changed.

Maegan : From a finnish company called Tapettitalo ("the wall paper house"). THey have original wall papers from decades back as well as print up new rolls of old design.

Anonymous said...

I must have those light switches!!!