Sunday 20 June 2010


The Sounds (and yes once again, the Finnish Sounds form the 60's, not the contemporary Swedes :) - Kaipaan Sua

The Sounds did typical rautalanka music, using influences of melancholic Scandinavian traditional songs, like in this song (although rautalanka in general is instrumental).

(Updated Soft Sunday on Spotify : here)


stephanie said...

Ina showed me some Finnish songs and I'm completely in love with Rautalanka (also from your video-posts)!

I'm also anxious to hear the Finnish Tango, as I love Tango ;)

Good luck with the packing and the new home!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pick, when I tell people I like the old Sounds rather than the new ones... they totally freak, but I'm glad I'm not alone

~iliana :)