Wednesday 18 August 2010


A few great pictures from last weekend's terribly magnificent horror show! Which also was the hottest show of all summer, literally, it was like a lethal sauna (well, not that bad) backstage, on stage, in front of it.

Ghost trio by Itty Bitties' Jackie O'Lantern, Tinker Bell and Vera de Vil. Photo by Rik Stavale.

Bent Van Der Bleu goes Rocky Horror. By Laura Kansanen-Stavale.

Zombie Itty-Bitties! And a little different beach-boy than normally in the background. By Laura Kansanen-Stavale.

I thought I'd let you in on some upcoming gigs and events while I'm on it:
First we have Paljetti Puduaari, this week's Friday to Sunday. A huge package of workshops, panel discussions and shows, including a marathon of different versions of the Stripper. I'd love to do a very neo-thing on that but I might not make it.

If you're not feeling Helsinki you might want to pop by Tampere for the second edition of Burlesque Coctail, on Friday night.

Furthermore, we will once more be performing during the Art Goes Kapakka City bar -festival, this time together with drag artist Pola Ivanka, on Thursday Aug 26th at Manala.

Aaaaand, not to forget, Psychorama Psychobilly& Burlesque Festival Sept 10 & 11th and Helsinki Vintage party with Sweeet Jeena and her Sweethearts at Belly Saturday Sept. 18th. And our very own Bitty-fest in october. And a little trip to perform for a couple of minutes in Stockholm. And our bi-weekly burlesque course! And our t-shirts! And our book!

But more on those later. Phew!


Gina Americana said...

What "book"? I'm curious!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Gina : A burlesque-book! But it is in a very early stage yet :)

BlondeJustice said...

I nominated you for an award you fabulous chica! :D

imobiliarias santa maria said...

i love this, fabulous. thanks!

pumps & luiers said...

great shows, always such a pity I can't see them in real! - and man that upcoming agenda is quite packed, hope you still will find some time to blog ;)

Kate Rose said...

Fabulous images