Thursday 19 August 2010


Making fruit salad for brekfast. It strange to think this little papaya grew across the world and ended up in my kitchen. (Hello ecological footprint!)

Fruit and cottage cheese salad done!

Those who virtually hang out with me on Facebook know I was searching for yellow gingham for my kitchen, which seemed impossible to find over here. But then I stumbled across some on Anttila, phew! (and thanks for the tips for my flowers, they are doing better now :)

The post office sold these cardboard Moomin prints with metal corners. These pictures and the books they are from reminds me of my childhood... I love them, but have no idea yet of where to place them so they could be admired.


X said...

The fruit looks good, it must be delicious.
Have a good day.

esme and the laneway said...

AHHH that top pick makes me want a fruit RIGHT NOW! :D yum yum yum. (We have to wait a few more weeks to get them here)

And your pics from the horror show look really cool; your shows always look so well thought out and costumed and so on. Awesome!

BlueMoonDame said...

Oh so glad you found the fabric! I actually walked by a store in NYC that was selling it on sale. Though I'm sure the sale part would have cancelled it's self out on the shipping. :) Looks great!

Sales, Smiles and Styles said...

Those prints are adorable, you should put them in some completely random place like your bathroom wall :)