Saturday, 11 September 2010


It's wet, rough and cold outside, the kind of autumn weather that demands sitting inside drinking tea. Which I've done all day since our outdoor-shoot was cancelled. It's strange how the seasons sometimes changes so fast, a mere month ago we were still sweating and cursing the heat.
Two months ago, exactly, looked like this:

I came out to my family's summer place, Mölandet, the night before and my parents and I went to pick up Eddi by boat in the morning.

One drives across Helsinki going from our summer place to where we live.

Our home behind the trees, we picked him up here.

Arriving back at Mölandet.

Had some bubbly under the parasol.

The cats were enjoying themselves outside.

My sister and her dog.

Eating out, literally. We eat outside everyday as long as it's not raining.

Night falls.

The biggest harbor in Finland is just around the corner; around the bend of our house. Hello work! (well not really, I don't have to go there myself anymore but to another harbour but anyway, hello our ships.) It was built for years and finished a couple of years ago, after a decade of protests from environmental organizations and everyone nearby. They even had to take away one island in order to place it there.

But the lights are kind of pretty though if you think of it. And from our place you only see it from one side. The archipelago is still intact in the other direction.

Two months can go so fast but feel like a whole year!

Mölandet is so close but I still only made it out there for a couple of days this summer, just like last year. Sad. But next year perhaps...


archives vintage said...

what an AMAZING summer home! looks so lovely and peaceful.

hope you make it out more next summer :)

Anaïs said...

Eating outside is zo lovely ... well, if no wasps come lurking at your drinks and food. What always seems to happen to us when we go on holiday.

But still, it's like it even tastes better in the fresh air, haha!

Myrull said...

How did you get your pics so vintage-looking? Yours is my favourite blog btw!

Anonymous said...

those pictures are really beautiful! they make me nostalgic for summer and also pretty sad that it's already over and we'll have to wait months and months and months before it comes back again.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Archives : yes it really is a lovely place. And only 30min with car + 10 min with boat from Helsinki!

Anaïs : I always eat more outside as it does taste better. There are wasps in the archipelago but not as many as in the city, at least on our island.

Myrull : Filters, blending modes and opacity changes! (for example a solid colour layer + blending mode to exclusion . Or by hue+saturation, selecting 'colorize'). But the garden pics are pretty as they are fomr the camera, due to good light.

Jolianna : I know, time goes so far but still it feels like an eternity between summers.

Nolita said...

Really nice summer home you have there and love the vintage looking pics!

--Nolita Vintage--

FairyFiligree said...

Your pictures are simply gorgeous.

Miss Rascal said...

G*d vad mysigt! <3

Anonymous said...

WooooT! Your sister has a Tibetan Spaniel...just like me! :) And oh my, I want to visit Finland this summer...and I WILL DO IT! *roarr*