Thursday, 9 September 2010


This weekend it's time for this year's Psychorama! Which will be great, but I've been the whole week ill and had a lot on my hands and on my mind so to be honest I'm stressed to death. We even have a photo shoot in between the evenings, on Saturday morning. Which I have to fix the outfit for still. And I'm sitting at work as I write (I wanted to say 'as we speak' but I'm not really talking to anyone here now am I :) when I'd rather be at home finishing my costume and rolling my hair.

But you know, no matter how much fuzz before it, no matter how tired, when I get to the venue and get my hair and face done I'm always able to relax just before performing and have a great time afterwards. And I know this will be the case tomorrow too. I have the night "off" on Saturday so I'll be able to enjoy the bands (there will be great such, on both evenings) and the other burlesque numbers in peace.

Here's sort of what I'll be doing tomorrow night:

For more info about Psychorama check out the event page and read our burlesque-blog's Psychorama post for line up's and such!

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pumps & luiers said...

So fun - the itty bitty tease cabaret should do a poster on 'attack of the burlesque women' ;p