Sunday 16 January 2011


Soft Sunday song today is in Estonian.
I am actually a quarter Estionian, but my Eesti Keelt is mostly limited to talking about vehicles and car decks, due to work. Many people think Estonian and Finnish are pretty much the same, which isn't true; they do have lots of similarities, but just by knowing one of them does not mean you will get by on the other (like Swedish and Norwegian for example, where you understand pretty much of the other, at least on a basic level).

Well anyway, this song is called laughter; he sings about sumer ending and the could autumn wind's laughter.

You can hear all of the Soft Sunday songs on my frequently updated Spotify list; although not all songs can be found on youtube or vice versa, not on Spotify, so this song had to compromise.

Oh, and also, you still have one more day to enter my New Year's Best of 2010 give-away, I will end it tomorrow!


marika said...


Chiara said...

your blog is beautiful! I love it!
I would really like you spent visiting my blog, I want to be friends!
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I hope to hear from you! <3

Mrs Munster said...

Muistui mieleen, etta lukioaikaan kavin kansalaisopistolla itse asiassa opiskelemassa eestia puolisen vuotta. Nyt ei vain tuu mieleen, etta miksi ihmeessa. Paljohan siita ei oo enaa mielessa, mutta silti :) Milta vuosikymmenelta tama biisi on?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Chiara : I will check it out :)

Mrs Munster : I'm not totally sure but the band was active in the late sixties and early seventies.