Sunday 13 February 2011


The internet, oh, the internet. A never ending source of information. And inspiration! And - disinformation, crap and bullshit. A space to spend time well worth, and also waist it. A place of gain and ruin. Heaven and hell. Hallelujah!

But. Although I might spend a little too much time and money online from time to time, the internet is very useful for me. Often thanks to my Freelancer's Fashion Facebook page - and to all of you. Why? Because you help me find the stuff I want!(A desire and need most likely created by the internet in the first place, but hey, that's peanuts at this point).

The most acute Must Haves are stuff that I realize I can very well live without if I wait one week and decide in fact not to give in to the desire.

But sometimes again the quick compulsive need to buy a certain thing can turn out very well, and become a long lasting well used item; I am mostly referring to clothes here now, but this actually applies to about half of my tattoos as well.

The latest in this case was a kitten dress - a dress with kittens on it! Not spotted on the web actually, but in real life, on a girl. And then it struck me - what the hell? A kitten dress? Of course! How had I been able to live my whole life without one so far? So I asked her about the dress, she told me the brand name, didn't quite catch it, then forgot it. As you know, here's where the internet comes in handy. But my friend Google was not able to help this time. The game wasn't all lost at that point though - post it on the Facebook page and woah! - some moments later I have the link.

Ta-taa! Kitty dress found.

However, after thinking about it I for a while I decided the dress perhaps was a little bit too expensive considering all the other things I am in a totally and very desperate need of (yes) and considering the fact the the cut on the dress was nice but not that extraordinary _ I should perhaps not buy it after all. But, in the same time I also realized I really had to have a dress with small furry felines on it. Well, now I needed to get my hand on the fabric instead; which I eventually did (also trough the help of some followers), after first browsing hundreds of kitty fabrics on ebay.
In the end I did go for anohter fabric instead, with retro kitties on. Meow meow!

This one right here, on it's way to me now.

I'd love to turn it into a two piece dress, or perhaps a shirt and circle skirt. Or a shirt waist dress.


Now of course, another question is; will I actually ever fix myself that kitty dress?Knowing me, those of you who do, might have your doubts.

So, a little poll:
A. I will get the two-piece dress done in time for summer
B. I will skip the original idea and go for an easier version, but get it done.
C. I will get the dress done in time for summer 2012
D. I will have the dress done by someone else (which will make it a very expensive kitty dress in the end)
E. The fabric will end up looking really good among the other fabrics that are waiting forever in my fabric box.

What do you think?

PS.The kitty dress I did not get was by Limb clothing and the kittens-fabric by Micheal Miller Fabrics (great fabrics!).


mispapelicos said...

You will have the dress done. Those kittens wont let you forget them.
it is such a fantastic print!!

Noora said...

I vote B for you and C or E for me. I have had the cutest cupcake-skirt in the making for-- a year? A SKIRT. Ffs.

Can't wait to see the dress! You really can't back out after this post :D

Kitten loves vintage said...

I vote a or b! C'mon you don't want to tease us with just a glimpse of a fabric and no dress would you?! :P

Hep~Kitten said...

I like A it has a vary pretty bust!!

For The Vintage Fashionista

echolallia said...

So precious! Where do you get your patterns?

Katja said...

Make just a skirt, and if you ever feel like it, a matching top... :) Easy said... i still have some fabric waiting for me, hoping it will magically turn into curtains.. Good luck with all those nice kitties!

Clara said...

I think that you can make the dress with two parts for a couple of months. If you work hard in that, you got it more fast. All depends on your desire ♥...
But for the other hand you can design the model of the dress and take to a seamstress. And you'll get faster.
It's just an advice!

CherryRosie said...

Please select A!!! That cut, skirt, and bust will look so great with that fabric!! Just re-read this post and it will inspire to turn on the sewing machine!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Sacramento: yes one would hope so :)

Noora : the next time you have some time over go mend on that skirt :D

Kitten : yes, certainly, pictures will eventually follow!

Hep-Kitten : Yes a dress like that has been my dream for some time now!

Echolallia : I do't really know how to use patterns (or know and know, but I'm not used to it); I make my own based on other dresses, some knowledge and some luck!

Katja : most likely the wisest thing to do, then I'd at least get something done...

Clara : it's mostly my lack of time that is the problem... but if I couyld get a little cold and some sick days off at work I could get it done in a couple of days heheh

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Cherry Rosesea : Yes my goal is of course that. I'm just scpetic about myself. Have fun sewing you too if you will turn it on now :)

Aiju said...

ÄÄÄK miten ihana kangas!

boldaslove said...

Such a beautiful idea! If it were me, it would definitely be E. But i think you can do it! At least B! Good Luck :)

p.s. I love the dress with the sleeves and collar.

Ninah said...

A, jobba lugnt och systematiskt så blir den säker bra! :) Ifall du får problem under vägen kan du alltid höra av dig till mig, syr på beställning :)

Fiona Timantti said...

Knowing how busy you are, i'd say D :)

Boo Boo Kitty said...

Yay! it works now... couldnt read ur page before. Limb clothing is cool but you can make just as good.. all the fabric they use is easy to locate online..

here all the ones i found from my fav fabric supplier! .. the limb fabric is there too.

Ms Wanda said...

Option A!

Everyone needs a kitten dress in their lives (mine has fish on it too - probably escaping the greedy kitty!)

Nanó said...

Ah, vågar inte gissa, men jag hoppas ju förstås att du kommer igång och syr ihop en trevlig klänning av detta underbara tyg! Älskar modell nr. 3 i kombination med tyget, den skulle jag ha sytt!

Kally said...

My friend has the kitty dress in her shop! I was so tempted to try it on, but didn't as I couldn't afford to buy it. She sells the dresses for around £20 GBP less than on the Limb clothing website too, it's Rockers England if any UK ladies want to look for her webshop :)

The kittens fabric is gorgeous too, I'd love to see a dress or skirt made from it! x

Grande Mama said...

Oh please, please also order/buy cloth/dress in the first kitty design. They were so cute thos little furry kittens with their fans, much nicer than the retro cats

le ballon jaune said...

A! A! A!

Unknown said...

A! You NEED a kitten dress stat, every girl does!