Monday 7 February 2011


(Photo from last Saturday's Burlesque Festival -I'm a really fierce snake as you see- by Adam Monaghan)

I've been blog awarded/nominated by a lot of nice bloggers during autumn and winter (thank you all), often with the list-seven-things-of-yourself included.I don't blog about the awards on but here are some seven:

-I'm addicted to checking my email.

-My parents used to, among other nicknames, call me Iggi Påpp (you know, like Iggy) when I was smaller. And sometimes still.

-I shared a flat with a rocket scientist one summer.

-I get addicted to certain foods for a certain period at the time. Right now; soured milk with blueberries and Caesar salad. I have to eat those five time a week, at least.

-As you may know I have a degree in graphic design and media but I have no intention of working at any agency or studio. To be honest, sometimes I have no ida what my intentions are, work wise.

-I used to hate my behind and there were times when I could not dance in the middle of the dance floor, always the back to the wall. And now I perform and shake that thaeng in front of hundreds of people. Things change.

-I've worked in the harbor for more than ten years. Gone for longer and shorter periods every now and then, but still; a little more than a third of my life.

Seven older ones, from the time I was addicted to berrie pudding and that Happy Cow millshake (I keep on forgetting the name and thinking of it as Mad Cow Milkshake or Crazy Cow but 'm pretty sure that's not the right ones :) can be found here. (I hate the photo of me in that post btw. And if I would be one of those to use internet acronyms I'd add LOL here, but I'm not; I don't. Although I kind of just did).



Anonymous said...

A rocket scientist? Are U serious :D

Kitten loves vintage said...

You look so hot in that picture, really fierce ;) Love the lashes...

I'm also addicted to checking my e-mails...

Btw I finally got around to making that heart-shaped hat I think I mentioned here when I saw you wearing something similar. Picture on my blog in case you're interested!

Boo Boo Kitty said...

I m addicted to checking my blog stats! haahaha! not that their is my at the mo!

Love the pic, you look really wild!

mispapelicos said...

Wonderful to get to know more about you, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

anna said...

At times I hate my behind. At times I love it. I've heard so many times from someone that I'm with that guys stare at it, so I guess big butts are just fine :)

GinCherry said...

This one : "I get addicted to certain foods for a certain period at the time" is about me as well :D

Olivia Rouge said...

I <3 your behind!

satu said...

I too think your behind is georgous! And you shake it marvelously!
I finally got to see you perform last saturday, and really liked it.I think your style on and off-stage is just stunning!

Roxy said... awesome is it to open up your blog and the first thing I see is that picture? Pretty Frigg'n awesome I tell you!

P.S. I am jealous of your bottom.

WendyB said...

Gorgeous pic!

ina said...

I'm addicted to avocado right now! I must eat at least one every day and I keep thinking about avocado all the time... Avocado avocado avocado.

Anonymous said...

Mulle tulee kans ruokaan liittyviä pakkomielteitä. Joskus meni kuukausi, että en syönyt töissä mitään muuta kuin banaania ja raejuustoa sekoitettuna, lisänä yleensä manteleita.

On se vieläkin ihan hyvää, mutta vähään aikaan ei ole tehnyt mieli. Ehkä nuo pakkomielteet kertoo jonkun tietyn ravintoaineen puutteesta. Olisi ihan järkeenkäypää.