Saturday, 19 March 2011


So, as you know I was part of a fashion themed week at TV1's half past six show PS, styling the hostess of the show as did three other bloggers. You can see and vote for my styling here, by pressing the green "Tykkään!" (=like) button.

As few of you have had a chance to see the show or furthermore, understand what's being said I'll give you a wick brief -
My idea for the outfit was a fun, chic and playing-with-clichés spring in the late fifties Paris themed outfit. I wanted to make a rather timeless look inspired by the theme, that would look good on the wearer, but as she is the host of a show I did not want it to be too flashy in order to outshine any guests.

My actual time to do this was rather limited due to work, I planned well ahead but had only on day to get it together, so most of what's seen here is mine.

The skirt is vintage, part of the walking suit I picked up a couple of years ago at my aunts..

The blouse is a basic striped long tee I got at H&M for this occasion. I sew a collar and cuffs for the blouse from a fabric almost similar to the one of the suit (you saw bits of it in progress some posts ago) - the story of the blouse never made the cut for TV though.

The mini beret is crocheted by Molla Mills and the bag is made out of recycle materials by Viivi Vein.

Although the actual planning sessions and our clips were shot earlier the show itself is sent live. I got a chance to visit the making of during the day of the filming:

My drawing of the hair, one I forgot to bring but explained in words instead.

Marja, the hostess, getting her hair and make up done. I think the hair and make up artist did a good job - many may be skillful but still not able to pull of a vintage inspired look, but in this case the reslut was just like I meant it to be. I rather wanted the look to be inspired by the late fifties and early sixties than copying it to avoid her feeling like being dressed up for a masquerade.

Shooting pics for the internet voting site. (As a n extra little joke I brought the sailor hat, you know, if perhaps she'd been in the mood to let loose and go for a party afterwards… it turned the whole outfit into a bit pinup.)

The results:
I had picked out seamed stockings, of course.

She had a Chanel no5 perfume and slim cigarettes in the bag (Paris! the fifties! The sixties! of course!) but the later ones did not make it into the show, surprise :D

The outfit in action.

The control room is calm, but when you listen to the director it sounds a bit hectic - every second counts.

You can see the show on Areena, but only form a Finnihs server. On Olotila however you can see at least the longer version of all actual stylings worldwide.

I think it's interesting and fun to see how the looks of a person changes according to how they are styled. You can view all stylings and vote for your favorite one here.

Since the others blog in Finnish for a Finnish audience, and since it in the end will be blog readers that stand for the voting, I thought my chances were pretty slim. But, turns out you can vote world vide, which means also my readers can vote !

Vote by clicking the 'Tykkään!' button on the right side beneath the picture. You can keep on voting until the evening of Thursday March 24th. Find my styling here.
So, send me off to Paris will'ya!

The photos of the final styling and of us were shot by Pertti Raama.


Fiona Timantti said...

Sun stailaus oli paras!

mispapelicos said...

Fabulous, as ever.

Bea W. said...

Done! And thanks for voting for me a few days back (Beatrice Hampson on FB) I hope you win!!!

Malayka said...


Pandora said...

Yours was by far the best one. Voted!

Anonymous said...

Ehdottomasti paras, äänestän! Pidin tosin myös Nelliinan asusta, joten ehkä voin äänestää teitä molempia? :D

Toivottavasti voitto osuu kohdallesi, usein näissä kilpailuissa kun ei voita se paras/lahjakkain vaihtoehto, vaan se jolla on laajin lukijakunta ja eniten kavereita. Mutta onnea kisaan silti!!!

Riikka said...

You got my vote!

Lotte said...

I voted for you! Hope you win :)

Anonymous said...

Ihan täydellinen stailaus! Ilman muuta äänestän sua :)

Unknown said...
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Maja said...

Oh you sound so sweet in the video and Øv that I can't understand a word that you are saying:) I love that blue and white dress on you - and the red shoes... mmm...

Sayuri said...

seen the others and yours is definitly the best! voted!

Katja said...

Voted :) Good luck!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Thank you all, kiitos. So nice of you.
I'd just wish more of my readers would actually vote ... or maybe they do, on the others :)

Well, anyway, thanks for your support, an if I don't make it there are a lot more important things in life than winning! (Although I'd really like to go to Paris)

Anonymous said...

Love that outfit! It looks really well put together and just everything fits the right way!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Jojography : thank you! And please go and vote also :)

Karin said...

Din outfit var helt klart bäst! Jag har röstat på dig. Och vilket supertips att sy krage och manschetter på tröjan, det måste provas i framtiden.

Hele said...

you both are cute!