Thursday, 10 November 2011


I have the silly little habit of always asking "oooh did you bring me presents?" if the husband has been elsewhere for a day or two. Today as Eddi got home after a work trip I was so concentrated on the take away sushi I he had picked up for me (really that is what kept me not dying from boredom and sickness here today, the thought that I would actually get some suuuushi..) that I totally forgot to give the present thing a go.

And this time he really had a present !

A book with Eric Bruun's designs!

(Yes, those are my sick little sock covered feet)

Eric Bruun is one of the more famous Finnish graphic artists and my favorite one. He was active since the late forties until the nineties and int's interesting to follow one artist's works trough that time span.


ina said...

Did you know the bird paintings (well, drawings) I had in my Munkshöjden apartment were Erik Bruun originals (if you remember them)? Haven't had any space for them in the places I've lived after that so I let my sis keep them, as she has a huge house with plenty of walls.

Maja said...

oh so sweet, that's love for you;) Hope you feel better soon.

london loves said...

What a beautiful book! Get wekk soon!

London Last Night

Jill said...

I do that too, always. I think it's mandatory to bring presents when on trips. Especially working trips, that's what daily allowances (dagtraktamente) are for, right?

Roxy said...

So sweet of Eddie :)

Rose said...

Awesome giftie! I do that to my man as well. He often seems confused by the question ; )