Sunday 10 March 2013


Isn't food just the best thing sometimes?

When we are out in the countryside I do a lot more cooking and baking than at home. More space, more time; during the weeks there's a pressure of getting dinner done fast. Today, after many weeks in a row being a family of five it was just the three of us, me and Eddi and Dag. I made us a layered dish of aubergine, mushroom-tomato sauce and oatmeal cream (with nutritional yeast flakes and fresh herbs) with roasted soy nibs and, on demand from the man in the house when he found out about the oat cream, hehe, some sliced mozzarella in between. Would have made a perfectly enjoyable vegan meal without the cheese too.

Funny how when I one decade ago started cooking vegan (I went by a completely vegan diet for a couple of years then) had to think about what I ate, puzzle it together, how to make it; what to eat, reading lots of books on the subject. Now vegan goes without thinking, no prob. Or, it's not that strange in the end of course, given the thought I've had years of practice. Also, the selection in the stores over here are almost not comparable to what they were in the early 00's, not to mention the nineties. But really, for those who wonder -and there are many- vegan food is not that hard nor that strange, and as I've said before, many common dishes are vegan without even thinking about it. (Not to mention vegetarian. Strange how some still want to make a fuzz about having to have a meal without meat.)

But there is always something new to learn and master - when it comes to raw food I still mainly look up and follow recipes, although I have started to create my own in that field too. A bit tricky to catch on photo in a way that does this one justice perhaps, but here's the dessert for today; a chocolate raspberry raw food cake. The best one I've had so far, no doubt about it. Even Eddi who is not that in to cakes had another slice! I might have died a little bit having this one, the kind of cake you'd never guess could go under the label healthy. Swoon!

The exact recipe can be found here (in Finnish); I altered it a bit. In my version I used walnuts and almonds plus raisins, a couple of figs and fresh dates for the crust (with a tea spoon of maca, lots of cocoa and a little chili) and made the frosting of a mix of coconut cream, ground coconut flakes with a spoon of coconut oil with cocoa powder and honey plus some real vanilla powder.

I set a batch of too-easy-to-be-ture-bread waiting for tomorrow (very domestic, am I not?); now it's time to finnish the dinner bottle of red with some episodes of The Wire. Good night!


Porcelina said...

That cake looks really interesting, I might have to give it a go!

Thanks for sharing the recipe

P x

Serena S. Madhouse said...

Very inviting!

Karin said...

I like the look of the vegetable dish, like a veggie lasagne without the lasagne plates. Do you pre-cook the aubergine?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Karin: No, just sliced it in rather thin slices! I had it in the oven for about 40min, 175C.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! The Wire!
What season?