Friday 8 March 2013


One perhaps wouldn't think so due to how it has looked around here lately, but I really hate it with items lying around the house; on the floor, on surfaces, without a place of their own. I came up with the idea to put wheels on an old wooden crate, to use in the countryside bedroom for my laptop and magazines and such under the bed and for Dag's toys in the livingroom at home; I had seen something similar in a mag at some point. 

I noticed some interior shops had picked up on this too and sold old boxes with wheels for a ridiculously high price, but I instead picked up some wheels from where-else-but-IKEA and set out to find a couple of  suitable old wooden boxes. Which I knew all stores everywhere were filled with at some point. Only that it seems the rest of the world had come up with this idea too, as there were no wooden boxes anywhere to be found any longer and I seemed to had used up the ones that had been lying around the sheds at the farm too for other purposes. This was ages ago already, and I was now about to label this one of those eternal to-do projects-that-won't-happen. But then I stumbled across old boxes on Fab with the right measurements (and not costing their weight in gold)! I put in one of the bits of mexican oil cloth I have hanging aroudn on the bottom and will need to give it a go with sand paper in order not for small chubby fingers and  hands to catch any occasional sticks.

Wheels yes, they are a little bit like pockets - they make everything a tiny bit better!

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Katja said...

And in a while it cann be used as a toy to! Nice done! I have made a sac from (yes..) IKEA towels, which is tied on the babypark. The kid has so much stuff...