Saturday 6 July 2013


A lot, or, most of the furniture at the countryside came with the house. Pretty much everything is in dark wood. And you may recall me saying it before; that it is harder to decorate a home when it is already filled with items rather than starting from scratch. Not that we would have made some irreversible agreement with the universe to keep all pieces there was (unlike the other house at the farm, where Eddi's brother lives, where some rooms are not to be changed at all); we've let some things go and brought new in. I got -a little wild at an auction market and got- some new-old furniture last year to replace certain pieces and fill out blanks. A lot of the furniture of the house is in quite good condition though, and definitely useable albeit not items I would perhaps have chosen in the first place. As some of the rooms are the size of my previous flats filling them up with different furniture all at once would be quite the task. So instead I settled for some furniture refershement, by re-draping the dining room set.

 Now some of you may think this is a perfectly nice fabric and all, but it is however way to pompous for what we've got going on. I decided to drape the chairs with uncolored linen fabric instead. (Which also suits the farm itself as the brothers grow flax.)

You may recall my relation ship with crafting as not being my favorite task to do (clothes and costumes for myself being a different chapter though) and I was indeed constantly waiting to fuck up at least one chair (or a finger or so) but surprisingly enough they all turned out very well! That is, if noone gets the bad idea of flipping them over and checking htem out from underneath. Well even in that case they would still look acceptable. Good me.

(As usual I made quite the mess once I was at it...)

And the chairs did indeed turn out for the better! Also, the painted floor may have something to do with it. And we shall return to all of this some more some other time.


TheBlackPinafore said...

great work.

Roxy said...

They look very nice and not so pompous :)

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful! I'm a reader from Australia. I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing snippets of your very special family, home and wardrobe. Warmest regards, Justine xx

ankh said...

fantastic work!

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

The chairs look great with the simpler fabric, really classy. You did a great job!

Lauren Bakes said...

These look lovely, which gives me hope as I need to cover our kitchen chairs and I've been putting it off for weeks!