Friday 19 July 2013


 We also fixed up the hallway and staircase in the country house during the renovation. I had thought of it in a yellow color resembling the ones on a well known cookie over here "carnival cookie yellow". (This however is a shade darker or two than that.) We didn't have the possibility to renew the space totally, as in re-build it, but with some wood and paint we did manage to renew it totally anyway.

Here's how it looked before:
 An absolute before picture was hard to come over as I had not exactly been taking pictures of this space, it wasn't precisely worth photographing, and they guys dug into the work so quickly I wasn't around to snap one.

The house had had some renovations done during the 80's when the original staricase had been removed and a then considered airy and more modern solution built instead in varnished wood. The wallpaper was also from those days and it had some defects from moist. The hall was rather unpractical as it had the big freezer standing on the parade spot. This pic is some random shot from 2011 of me and my photo face.

 February 2013. The hall and staircase walls covered in panel.
The handy men that built the kitchen and bathroom did the main work here. This would so not have happened if we'd try to do it ourselves...

 March 2013. The stairs being covered and a closet to keep the fridge built. Or, we had to switch to a smaller fridge as the 300-liter one was just too massive to fit anywhere.

April 2013. Painting time!

As we did not remove and re-build the stairs we didn't tear away the parquet floor underneth it but crossed our fingers and gave it a try at just grinding and painting it -and it turned out better than we'd thought! Eddi painted checks on the floor by hand.

Floor done! We had planned to do this in the kitchen all along after the bathroom renovation was over but then realized it would bee too much with both rooms having a checked floor.  Quite the relief actually when we realized that, hehe, less work.

Here's how it turned out when done!:

The floors are painted with Permo paint for wooden floors and the walls with linseed oil paint.
The furniture are old/vintage.

Back in the old-old days there used to be a window around this spot. I put up a mirror in a window frame instead.

The rest of the rooms downstairs turned out rather different after their painting jos as well but that will be for another time to look at.


Darell said...

You and your husband really did a great job in renovating your house :)

Darell said...

You and your husband really did a great job in renovating your house :)

Maja said...

you really know how to pimp a house :) looks so lovely now.

tam said...


Frollein von Sofa said...

wow...this is simply wonderful ! what a beautiful house. you have such great taste !

Roxy said...

It looks great! Is that wallpaper in the room with the white floor new or was it previously there? I adore it either way.

Anonymous said...

You guys did a great job! And the checks look prefect! I imagine how nice that area is going to look with a bit of wear, so the floorboard lines show just a bit. At least, I would find that pretty.

I've really enjoyed seeing things come along.

Claire said...

It's the amazing floor painting that gets me - wow! I've never done it successfully. The paint gets easily damaged, then I tried to put a tough varnish on top, this discolours over time and... Meh! Eddi's chequers are fantastic, he's really dedicated! I know I already asked what paint you used. Maybe we can't get it in the UK.
I already had in mind the huge fun of deciding my ultimate titles for this kind of staircase.....

Anonymous said...

perfection ;)

go see:

Sarah said...

Oh wow!
That looks amazing!

Great job!

What a difference some paint makes!
Well, some paint en panelling in this case :p

I might have to look at these pictures a few times. I'm trying to muster up the courage to sand and paint our stairs as well..! iek! (after living for 2,5 years with ugly glue-mess-stairs from removed carpet)

Love the colours too.
Nice and fresh and airy, but not cold!

You guys can be proud!

(aka OldeSarah)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Roxy : yes it is old. But it appears quite different with a lighter fram now so to say.

Oshdesigns : yes absolutely. YOu can actually see the lines a bit now already :)