Thursday 13 February 2014


Last week I, for different reasons, visited a few small businesses. Small businesses that are all doing great, all of them started by people -in this case they all happen to be women - with a strong will to do something they really like, starting from scratch and making it work. I started thinking about this and it made me happy -it's great to see people I, in one way or another, know succeeding!

First my colleague Ruska and I stopped by Vertical Club, which is a studio for, well, all things vertical - pole dancing and aerial classes like aerial yoga, -hoop etc. One of the owners used to share rehearsal studio space with us before. Now they are doing so well they are expanding into more studio space in their building! We'll be doing some collaboration with Vertical Club , with the possibility to book private dansative burlesque workshops with us there.

I also popped by Jolie for some cosmetics shopping. Jolie is a wellness concept founded by two friends a couple of years ago, with the dream to build up something totally new in Finland; a media portal and shop around healthy lifestyle and natural luxury cosmetics. As some may remember it became a rather special business for me as I was at their launch when my water broke and I had to head straight to the hospital and give birth :) Jolie is also growing has now opened up their own spa at a separate address from their shop; Jolie Spa. Well done!

Then we did some collaboration with PinUp Garage, which is a lifestyle and fashion store for all things related to the modern pin-up culture. (I added some photos I shot at the store to illustrate this post - because who doesn't like fancy dresses, high heels and fluffy petticoat lamps?)

PinUp Garage has moved from a location rather far away into a big space in the city, also fitting their own photography studio and a sewing atelier, so it's going really well for this store as well!

We were invited to do a humorous little live mannequin fashion show with their range of What Katie Did lingerie in the store window last weekend after closing time. It was part of the store's pre-Valentine's Day shopping event.

PinUp Garage is the only brick and mortar store selling WKD in Finland. On a side not, I have had What Katie Did as an affiliate of mine for a long time as I really like their vintage repro underwear. Apart for stockings I haven't bought any products myself for a few years though but now got to try out a whole lot because of the show! When ordering online I never managed to find out which size of the bullet bra would fit me best and tried a few different sizes but now came to the conclusion it just does not suit my shape that well, but found a great fit with the Dot bra instead! I can also recommend the Morticia corset which pretty much as good as one that I have had custom made for myself. (You can see both products on my instagram picture here.)

(Btw you can spot a poster in the window for the Kustom Kulture show which is next weekend at Kaapeli. We'll do a show there in the evening, and we'll be hanging around the event during the day too. So come and say hi if you stop by!)

PS. Nothing in this post was in any way paid for or sponsored.
Tuomas Lairila and Maria Kimalle took the pictures of the WKD show.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant girls making things happen, hooray for them!

Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Nice photos. This place looks interesting!

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