Monday 24 February 2014


I can't believe it will be March  next week already. Time flies when you're having fun really really busy. Seems  everything will always and forever just come at once, and every time I thing 'this is as stressful as it gets' the next time is even more hectic. It will never end. But I suppose I'm just the kind of person who gathers lots of things to do and handle and engage in.

Not everything that is intense or time consuming is all bad though. Lately I have bee working like crazy on the pieces of a new costume of mine. I've had the number planned for over two years already, but as always it's still during the last days before premiere that most of the sequins and rhinestones are sewed on, late at night.

And this is the time of year for that, late night sewing. Well, autumn is also the time for that, just before the Christmas season kicks in, as the season means lots of gigs which means the making of a new show, alas, sewing and all that. (Or actually, for some people  -like me- the whole year consists of late night sewing and glueing; if there is nothing new to be done the mind calculates that now wold be the time to update and refresh old costumes. An eternal loop.) But this period however, late in winter, is the absolute main That-Time-of-the-year still, as the well renowned Helsinki Burlesque Festival just around the corner.  And it's not only those selected to perform that will stay up late, but for everyone in the audience as well - spectators always dress up like crazy for the events and out so much effort into their costumes! The theme for this year is Tropical, which suits my number very well.

And here's little me late in the evening working with some bling.


Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

This outfit is awesome dear!!
Would you like to join my Giveaway??
Love text messages

Unknown said...

That seems like an massive job and that costume looks amazing!