Thursday 20 March 2014


I am a list person. I need to make lists in order to get things in order, or, at least to feel things migh be getting into order at some point. The more there is to do, the more lists there are to be written, both on tasks and want-to's. Sometimes I even need to make a list of lists to be made.

Here's a totally different kind of list that serves no actual purpose - I see these different question-lists circulate on blogs and I for some reason find them rather fun to read. Maybe for the same reason we click Like at people's pictures of their lunches on instagram... I never done one ,self but copied a couple of those here for fun -

What did you look like exactly a year ago?
 I happened to blog exactly a year ago and then I matched my nails to our wallpaper!

What do you look like in this exact moment?
Oh my. But I started doing this so then I will. Well, as you know I surf the internet at night so I'm in a robe and it's dark and blurry but at least I have nice two-tone nails.

What's bothering you right now?
Right-right now? A runny nose; my runny nose.

Have you done something lately you've never done before?
This winter I worked out with a personal trainer and I always wanted to do so. Otherwise, with a small child you sort of get to do new stuff all the time, or do them from another point of view, as some of those things I did or might have done as a kid, games and learning and such.

Last thing you ate.

Last thing you bought.
That's usually most often food but otherwise, a magnesium-chili lotion for aching limbs.

Last thing you googled.
"true detective"

Last image search you did.
Can't stop laughing at this one now.
(Heh. "'Daryl the walking dead comics" actually. But apparently he's not a character in the original stories.)

A quote that suits you.
"Think of what you're saying so you don't say what you're thinking"
Not sure if it describes me per se but that's a good one to remember every now and then.

Something you need to get done.
In alphabetical order? Too many things but first of all answer a bunch of emails before they get lost in the abyss of my inbox. Thankfully since gmail started sorting itself and separating mails my unread ones changed from a four digit number to three which makes me feel a lot better about it...

Something your obsessed with.
Apart from checking said inbox via my phone several times a day nothing in particular really.


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