Tuesday 4 March 2014


I finally got myself a new wallet! Or, matinee purse as this one is called.  I've been meaning to get a new one forever as the one I had until now was literally falling apart. But it was rather hard to find one that was both big enough and pretty.  I guess I don't have to write this out but in case there's something going on with somebody's monitor out there I'll do it anyway: it's  MINT GREEN! Hallelujah.

The wallet-purse-which-ever-you-prefer is by Ted Baker. (In case you were wondering I bought mine old school over the counter at Stockman; they carry a lot of TB bags and accessories and I have a soft spot for most of them. I haven't found the exact same one online, but very similar styles though.)


Emily said...

How funny, I am wallet shopping myself these days! I found so many wonderful vintage wallets on Etsy that I couldn't choose, I'm afraid now I'm going to have 10 wallets instead of one. Yours is lovely, though!

Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Elegant and pretty!

northerntransmissions said...

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StinaP said...

I like! And suddenly feel the urge for a new wallet... Damn! :)

Michael said...

The perfect choice.
It says "I'm an independent woman. I know how to choose my clothes and my accesories."

I sell men wallets. Trust me :)))