Tuesday 27 May 2014


We've had summer here the past week! The kind of days Shakespeare's sonnets wanted to use as comparison.

And all tree are blooming by now.

It really is crazy hot and sunny for May! I've been working all of the warm days so today I turned my Monday into a Sunday instead, in other words, took a day off (almost) everything.

I jsut can't get enough of blossoming trees...

But they are fading already, the smallest hint of wind and the air is full of cascading petals.

Most of the lambs are also out now for the summer.  The baby ones were a little bit scared the first half hour or so as the sky was so big and open.

I set in on reading some magazines and having a beer in the middle of the day just because I could. It also called for some Skatalites.

And heading over to that exact spot over there.


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty!! We want to see outfit looks because it inspires us!! :)

Mint Palace said...

I am seriously in love with your black top with the pastel pink and blue stripes. <3

Aleksandra Wądołowska said...

beautiful photos :)


Camille Patel said...

Looks like a great summer! beautiful pics :)