Wednesday 28 May 2014


Well hello there from the sunshine!

This time blog-posing in repro items in a fifties casual style - a cropped top from Freddies of Pinewood and capris form Vivien of Holloway.

The capris are great because they are quite loose in fit, but still goes well with heels. I was meaning meaning to get a pair of these forever and could finally tick that of my list last winter although I haven't really got around wearing them until now.

My top, which I love,  is a size XL. And I have no idea how anyone normally built fits into the smaller  sizes- I once got a couple of Freddie's tees on sale in M, which usually is my size. They were too small for my ribcage and incredibly short on (yes I know they are meant for high waisted garments but they were still a bit too short) so I set out to get a top in size large. L was out of stock for this one so I opted for XL thinking I'd need to take it in but no need for that, any smaller and it wouldn't be wearable!

 Dag was wearing a t-shirt with tractors.

By the way.
I want (and this time also need) to get a pair of blue jeans for hanging out with Dag in the park and such. I sold my Vivien ones as they were too big and they are now out of stock in my actual size, so I am thinking of going for Freddie's instead. The sizing info on their page is pretty clear but I still don't think any of the sizes seem suitable to me (my waist just won't go back to it's pre-pregnancy measurement but clings on to it's +5 cm, while my hips is are their old big happy self..). It's also hard to choose a cut from the internet without the possibility to try the pair on first. Any suggestions on those, the Freddies ones, or others?


colleen said...

I have Freddies (and LOVE them). I was able to try some on in person and what I found was since they are stiff with no give, you need to fit them to your largest measurement. So my waist is 29" but I need 46" on the hips, so I order a size 34. I would measure the size of a pair of pants/jeans that you like the fit on, and compare that to their size chart.

CiCi said...

Agree with first comment that Freddie's have no give - I opted to try the 26" waist Jeanies and my 27" waist was deeply unimpressed. Mind you, worth noting I'm 5ft2 and they are so high waisted they were hitting my rib cage, which might have been the main problem!

Might be worth checking out the very similar new Collectif style - it's largely out of stock at the mo but as it's a new style they seem to be replenishing every now and then:


PinStraigthHair said...

yeah i am looking it closely to get one pretty soon.

Unknown said...

I'll try this again:
have you given Heyday trousers a go before?
Freddies are difficult to get right via post, but staff there are super helpful if you send your measurements they can advise accordingly. Denim has no give and quite thick also. I have vivs, Freds and Heyday style trousers and best ones for me are Heyday. not sure if they do jeans/denim fabric though.

Boo Boo Kitty said...

i can make denim ones to order, so they fit your hips and waist.

i cant wear freddies without a belt as my waist is 25" and my hips 37". even then i feel frumpy in them.

check out my made to measure ones......

Porcelina said...

You look fab here! Sizing can be a bit crazy sometimes can't it? I've never tried Freddies so can't help sorry! P x