Tuesday 13 May 2014


So we came around putting "phase 1" in motion in the brown room downstairs. That only took us about a year... Or, phase 0,5 perhaps; just cleaned it out of all trash and extras and placed out the rest random furniture there was in the best way for the moment. Brought in some plants and hung pieces of lace cloth I found at home in the windows, brought in some mats. Old school granny style all the way.

It is the room with the nicest view and the best light in the house. (But before it will be proper we will have to open up the floor all the way to the ground and renew pretty much all layers.)

It's also awesome to notice that the light, just like the darkness at the end of the year does, sneaks up on you in a sort of sudden way,  each year as surprisingly. It is only a mere month left until we are at the  brightest time of the year, and you can tell that already; these pics were taken around nine in te evening.


L C said...

Wow... gorgeous view!!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you enough how much I miss the light changes. LA weather may be great, but it quickly becomes pretty boring to be honest. Nothing beats those late summer evenings in places closer to the Pole.

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Jake Alexander said...

I love this! Especially the lighting. I'm redecorating at the moment so this is great. Hopefully I'll have stuff up on my own blog about it soon (www.newrhythmfashion.blogspot.com)