Wednesday 21 May 2014


Last week Eddi turned a big even number and we celebrated that during the weekend.
(It's funny btw how you one day realize you start being the same age as your parents! Or,  you think you are ; I always think of my parents as in their forties but, well, obviously they are not anymore.)

Quite suitably summer decided on kicking in at the right moment.

The party was put together of old things on the farm, wagons as tables, old buckets etc.

And we finally got around hanging up a hammock-chair that was waiting last year already. (Having a lot of people over is always a good way to have to tick things of your to-do list...) Summer chill points to the max!

Birthday boy and BBQ master with his home made smokers.

Another bbq-boy; my brother-in-law. Not the first time he and Eddi turn up as accidental textile twins, and probably not the last either.

My sister with K and their big bellies.

The "how to pose for photos" one finger test. Cheese!

Obviously I didn't go for it in this one.
I'm wearing a kind-of new Trashy Diva dress btw, because you know, the internet must know.

Then it got dark and my dusk-activated fairy lights turned on!

I have a huge thing for fairy-and party-and-what-not lights you know. If there's a party, it will need liiiiights. I take it a big part comes from the parties the Moomins held, the books I read as a kid. They always had lots of lights hanging in their gardens at their hullabaloo's, those images got stuck in my head.

But the the May night is pale and does not last long.

The sun is up around four already.

And so the party is over. (Carefully cropping out anyone sleeping on the lawn).


Anh | Feminine 23 said...
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Roxy said...

I just love it when you post pictures of the farm, i'm always so jealous of how beautiful it looks there.

Unknown said...

Åh du verkar bo så himla fin!! <3

Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

That was such a nice party! Wish I could have stayed longer (but in that case not waking up on the lawn the next morning, haha)! Thank you!

Porcelina said...

This would have been my kind of party! Me and my other half celebrated our birthdays at the start of May, he too is obsessed with cooking outdoors, and fairylights, but it was cold then so I didn't sit out all night! Lovely, lovely pictures. P x