Friday 9 May 2014


When we had cooking classes back in school we once made this fucked up dessert that apparently is something of a classic over here, "orange rice". Cooked cold rice with whipped cream, some sugar and pieces of orange. You know what it tastes like? Blah. Many people don't like the thought of cold rice, Eddi for example can not stand the Finnish classic rice pie (or , Carelian pie); rice porridge baked in a thin crust of rye.  Which is actually pretty good. But when it comes to cold rice I actually like the snack Risifrutti pretty much. It is apparently Scandiavia's, or at least Sweden's most popular snack (the internet told me so);  a creamy  cold rice pudding and jam.

Dag likes it too so I decided to make my own version. After a less successful version with coconut cream and coconut sugar (and rice that got a bit burnt) I tried a version with vanilla soy-yoghurt instead. And it turned out just right!

I made a set of rice porridge with a little dash of salt in it and cooked it until it was very firm. Porridge rice or abrorio will work best, but I read a recipe where someone used bulgur instead. Perhaps a version with rice mixed with amaranth could work too, will try that the next time!

Then I let it cool and mixed it with lots of vanilla yoghurt. I used Soy yoghurt, but  the original version has cream and sugar in it I think, so dairy vanilla yoghurt will of course do as well.
For a rice porridge on 2dl rice and 1 l water I used about 4 dl of soygurt.

Then let it set for a few hours and serve with jam or fruit puree!
Apart from the regular red jams cloudberry jam tastes good with this as well, or a sour apple mash.

For a healthier jam you can mix a few dried moist (soaked) dates with fresh berries, that turns into a delsih marmalade!


Sweetpaintedlady said...

Yum! We call it Rice Pudding here in New Zealand but we either do it on the stove top with custard to bind the cooked rice and raisins, there is also a custard baked version.

Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Aah, what a great idea!

Helena said...

Yummy! Thanks for the recipe, I have to try it out some time. :) Btw, you look so very beautiful with the brown hair! (I noticed only now that it has changed, haha.)