Saturday, 28 June 2014


Because there is a little animal print dressed waist belted Peggy Bundy inside all of us waiting to get out every once in a while. Or, in some of us at least. Especially if you are on your way to watch young beefy men strut around in very small and tight sequin swim pants (that would be Tyra Therman's quirky male underwear show, suitably timed for Pride week) and go watch a drag show afterwards.
But yes I know my hair is a tad bit too small tough.

The velvet leo-leggings are from Sockdreams.


Porcelina said...

Looking fabulous!! I have no idea who Peggy is though, will have to go and google her now!! x

Mama D said...

Peggy Bundy rocks! I got leopard tunic, cropped tousers and leopard shoes and Mrs Bundy is the image I get in my head from those clothes :)

Unknown said...



Miss Soler

Ashlee said...

The outfit reminds me of Wanda in the film "Cry Baby" with Johnny Depp. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I had a hair dresser surprisingly create her vision for my hair one time. I let her style it, even though I *never* let them do that. What she came up with was exactly like Peggy Bundy. Too bad I wasn't dressed for it...I laughed all the way home.

I am a big sockdreams fan, but didn't know they has velvet leggings! I'll have to check them out!