Friday 13 June 2014


Yesterday we were supposed to go to a 1950's picnic organised by the city as part of a photo exhibition with motifs from that era but the constant rain ruined those plans. Well, at least we had just managed to have a little picnic of our own in the park outside our building before, so we were not left totally picnic-less.

Breakfast pink ith avocado sandwiches and some pancake with freshly made rhubarb jam. Panda-boy decided to eat both at once just in case I would end up having more than him; he always seems to be very concerned with that.

Park view. Tapiola; nowadays a constant mix of nature and construction sites.

Oh summer, how I have waited for this!

Sometimes happiness is a kid and a ball.

For a short while at least. Then he was very eager on me putting my shows on and us moving on. The playground calling!


Elise said...

Fab photos of you and panda boy :) I loved the Caitlin Moran book-it's the funniest thing I've ever read, had me laughing uncontrollably out loud hope you enjoy it too :))

Unknown said...

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Watch Full Movies For Free said...

So cute :)

GinCherry said...

your smile is so nice :)