Saturday, 15 November 2014


Woke up to a slow grey November morning.
Look at my plant btw. It's grown over 3 metres long during this autumn! It's called doftranka in Swedish and tuoksuköynnös in Finnish but I don't know the English name -it has white flowers that smell very sweet and I'm hoping it would bloom next spring; last year it didn't.

Beautiful dew-drops on the porch plants.

Made a porridge on our homegrown organic oats with pomegranate and banana plus an anti-flu smoothie with red oranges, pineapple, wineberries, lots of organic ginger and cilantro.

Then Dag (and all his animals) got a quick bath.

And now it's on with our clothes and heading to the harbour and hopping on the ferry to Sweden tonight for a family trip!


Anonymous said...

Got the same indoor plant for years and it managed to have flowers only last summer. When I saw some I was so surprised, I took them in my hand to look closer, but it fell down! Damn it. i'll never touch it again! I heard it would make flowers only if you don't move it for a long time.

Emma Powick said...

I think theyre called Madagascar jasmines in english

Maureen said...

I know the plant as Stephanotis, much used in bridal bouquets.

Love to learn more about that smoothie.