Thursday, 6 November 2014


Our bedroom, especially the far back corner of it, had turned into something that seemed beyond ever being able to look good and organised again. We had had something of a big nursing table-drawer for when Dag was a baby in the room, that stored his clothes and such, and that stuff and boxes and clothes kept piling up upon. It was black like the windows but never really looked good in the room even without all the extra toppings. One day I was out in the tiny forest behind our building playing with Dag and looking up towards the windows I thought "look at that one window with all the crap in it!". Then I looked again and noticed it was ours. Oh, damn.
The nursing table left by time and got a drawer for all the extra stuff. I liked it but I am however not sure what I was measuring when I got it as it turned out it was a couple of centimetres too high, hitting just under the window but above the window sill. Things like that annoy me more that it probably should. Also, it broke my rule of trying to keep all the shades of wood in a room in the same hue; this one was lighter than my dressing table and String shelf. But all in all it looked fresh and kept my extras away. So Ta-Da! along with getting the rest of the flat in order the two years of not-really-wanting-to-invite-people-over was about to be over!

Well,  my youngest sister and hubby moved to a new house and when we went to visit she was annoyed that the vintage drawer they had got from an auction site did not fit the room they had intended it for, a room with a mint-green and white diamond checked wallpaper. She offered it to us but I had just got that new one for myself. Turns out she had been looking at that same piece online as well... Their vintage drawer was a bit lower and longer than my piece, while the lighter one I had would suit their room better. So, we ended up switching furniture and they both sit rather perfectly where they are now! Everyone is happy!

The drawer is in the same shade of wood as the rest of wooden items the room, and actually has a little more space, so it turned out a good deal.

The checked chest stores my summer/winter dresses off-season. As one basically only needs to put things in and out of it about twice a year even I manage to do so and keep it neat. And although I am the kind of person who should never store anything in boxes (as once I put something into a box, it most likely stays there. Or, then once taken out, won't find it's way back in) I keep the rest of the extras -hair pieces, hats and rollers etc. -in boxes. And so far I have actually managed to use them properly.  In fact, lately I have even been remembering tools and utensils and such that we have stored in the basement, that formerly used to be just a place where things would go to die. Now who says you can't teach an old dog to sit?

Old cats you don't have to teach anything. They will lie wherever they want anyway.


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Serena S. Madhouse said...

You have good taste, and this is nothing new!


Maggie said...

Cute :)

Miss Rascal said...

G*d va snyggt!!!
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