Monday 6 July 2015


(flower photo alert)

As summer comes we spend pretty much all free time at the farm and we let the back door stay open to extend living out to the garden. Everyday life elsewhere, perhaps but here only for those short sweet summer months.

I stocked up on flowers and pots at the start of the season as usual.

Hello hanging strawberries-to-be!

 So beautiful, aren't they?

And things that I have planted, as well as others generations before me have, pop up one by one. So many colours, so many prety flowers.

 I had Eddi build me these growing boxes. I planted herbs, salads and other greens in them.

And the cats tried their best to sabotage it all, by hopping in and out of the boxes and making a mess.
Let's just say the order I put the seeds in are no more.

Cauliflowers waitinig to be planted outside. I hade some sunflowers coming up too. But they fried in the mini greenhouse when it got real sunny outsisde. Ooops.

 I also have a set of tomatoes and chilis sitting on a bench by a sunny wall.

 It's a goddamn water circus every day (not to forget all my indoor plants) and I dread going away as I know no one else will remember to water them. But I like having a lot of plants around there and every now and then get to enjoy a home grown tomato too.

We had Dag's three year birthday outside party in the garden as well.

This was a few weeks ago now already, when it was still cold(er), but we were lucky enough to manage the party right on the only day it was warm and sunny during those weeks.

The pram park. I actually don't have so many friends with kids so this was an unusual sight. People have been busy the past year!

Dag's favourite colour is red. Preferably everything he wears has to be red.

Evenings are for barbecue, and as usual the guys are at it with their burgers and sauces.

And come night time, my solar lit fairy lights go on.

But it is still so light they are merely there just for the fun of it. But come August with it's warm (hopefully) and dark evenings they get to shine to their full potential. I might hang up a few more still...


Roxy said...

Is that a pink and yellow Dahlia? It's so pretty.

Alwaysmfashion said...

Beautiful pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Dag's cake looks yummy. Would you share the recipe one day? It's funny, my friends are not having kids either, well, neither am I (and we are in our late 30's oups!), so the sight of the pram parking lot is funny.
I'm also the crazy plant lady...

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful garden you have! It's winter here in Aus and quite wet, and I've been planting perennials and flowers for the springtime. My daffodils are just flowering, and my tulips have just broken the soil. Flowers are such a source of happiness and yours look divine. Wishing you the best of luck with your strawberries and veggies!
I cannot believe Dag is 3! How time flies. Happy Birthday to him :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Roxy : yes it is a dahlia :)

Anonymous: I made a sponge cake which I filled with rhubarb jam and topped with cooked condensed milk (dulce the leche / toffee custard) and decorated with strawberries. It was good!

kodutehnika said...

What a beautiful garden with nice fresh flowers!

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