Wednesday 20 January 2016


I am wearing two dresses on top of another.
In case you haven't noticed me mentioning it already: it's cold.

And while I've actually driven out to my far-away classes – I have a set in a town about half an hour west of the farm, where I teach one evening per week) wearing my dance wear topped with skiing pants (!yes, me. My envy of Dag's thick winter suit grew so strong I decided to be dress-smart for real during those evenings. And damn that's warm comfy! Plus easy. In and out and off and on. – I've also been putting layering into some serious action.

So yes I am wearing two dresses- one for warmth and the other more just for show. Like a cover for all things underneath. It's part of keeping the body warm is pretty much zero I guess, but I like to think that every layer helps.

So the dresses, plus a t-shirt, thermo stockings (that look like normal ones but that are fleece lined), wool shorts (cut off from old stockings...) and long wool socks. And then it's on with a cardigan and shawl before going outside.

Altough now that the minus twenty-something days are gone, even a cold -13C feels rather doable, and all the stufing and wrapping oneself still goes somewhat quickly.

The dress is soft and long and flowing plus, as it seems, one item closer for me to get rid of the polyester-disgust that had developed after too many years in my youth of wearing thick seventies ultra polyester-y shirts and dresses. The ones that just. do. not. breathe. This dress is vintage that I picked up form UFF the other week when actually scouting items for a music video. It is always when searching for items for others, that you find such for yourself. (That could be some kind of consumerist proverb, now couldn't it?)


Porcelina said...

You are very well prepared for the cold! And layering the two dresses, what a fab idea x

Witchcrafted Life said...

Wonderful outfit. I love the alluringly elegant mix of burgundy reds and chic black.

♥ Jessica

Anonymous said...

I've been layering too and I always think about your post. It is true that you are warmer wearing dresses as you can add layers every time. Of course in France is not as cold as it is in Finland, but still there is this terrible cold wind that makes your face hurt and your mascara crumble (is that a word?)