Friday 8 January 2016


Everybody's fuzzing over the cold that blew here from Siberia, which is yes, damn cold, the kind of hurts-to-breathe-cold, but not really that big of a deal in my opinion, as it usually gets really really cold once per winter anyways. Or if not then every second year, as it has been during the late 2010's. So you know you have it coming at some point. But then again, when it's really really cold even one degree celcius less does make a rather big difference and it has not been minus f*cking 28 degrees over here for some years. So it really does get people talking.

(In 2013 it got -30 though and that day we went to a beautiful midwinter wedding where everyone was holding sparklers -and freezing- when the couple stepped out of the light chapel and into the dark winter night outside. And our car wouldn't start since it does not have heating so we drove to the wedding in the farm van.*)

Well anyway here you have it:

The anatomy of dressing when really really cold put into action!
Lots of stuffed layers.

When it's really really cold it's hard to smile because your face is all hard and stiff and if you would smile ayway your teeth will freeze. Dag is all "wtf (well in slightly other words) my face is hurting!"
But getting back inside after being outside is just fabulous. Like when you get to pee after having to hold it in for too long a time.

*) As you see, I am un-debatable when it comes to weather a winter was cold or not or a summer hot or not, as I always have the blog (or Instagram) to go back to. Plus, I did work outside for more than a decade and I tell you, then you really remember what the weather was like. Whenever the weather gets shitty (in one way or another) over here I give myself an inner pat on my back and ask myself how the hell I actually was able to do it for so long. But strange as it is, I kind of miss the harbourlife too.)


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kfrogpath said...

That's exactly why I love Winter, the going in to get warm after being FREEZING. So much joy :)

Lavender and Twill said...

It might be super cold, but the tones and lighting in this snap are just dreamy! Lovely as always. ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Roxy said...

SO beautiful. I love the look of the lights and the snow together. I think the cloud light has to be my favorite though!