Thursday 21 January 2016


I got a piano to the countryside house!

I had been looking for one for quite sometimes but never managed to get so far as to bring one home.
Whenever I had some extra euros I'd browse online market sites for pianos in the somewhat near areas for sale. My dream was to get a grand piano, as it would fit in the living room, but those euros once planned for that you could say went to my abs instead (-that would be the pilates training).

We also have an inherited piano in the city home that I was thinking of moving out here, but it is old and rather worn; a few of the keys don't sound anymore. The piano man I had over tried to get new ones but the right kind for that piano were not to be found anylonger. Which means you can't really play that piano anymore without losing your mind.

The reason to get a piano was not that I think it'd look good as part of the interior (it can actually be a bit hard to fit in. A grand one would actually be easier I think as it's all BOOM in a room and takes up all attention and just IS there...) but because I really do want one to play on. As you may recall me mentioning it sometimes before I've played the piano for over twenty years.  Or, thirty by nown since I started playing (must remember that I am getting older and start updating my sentences, heh), but as I don't practice it regularly anylonger my technique is a bit rusty. And, ehrm, my nails are too long nowadays for proper playing. (I can still hear the voice of my first teacher at the institute telling me that she can hear my nails click on the piano which back in the days resulted in an immediate consulting with the sciccors...).

Nowadays I mainly just fool around and improvise but I'm always telling myself to get some sheets and practice chords and scales again to get back at least part of the technical skill I had before. Well, that's one on the list along with starting to paint again and brush up my German and French. And a whole lot more of those things you'd just want to do but don't have the time for. But sitting down at the piano playing whatever comes to mind is enjoyable if even just for just a few minutes. So I was very lucky to get this piano for free via a friend of a friend of a relative of mine, who were just looking for it to get a good home! It was definitely one of those mountains coming to me moments.

I'm also hoping to teach Dag some basics, but that will have to wait some years still. Now he is just very much into making sounds as loud as he can on it. Which is just the way it should be.


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to polish my Russian and start learning German. I say I never have the time and when I do I spend my time googleing random nonsense then I realize that I should have been learning German. How hard life is ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ihana kuva Dagista soittamassa pianoa kypärä päässä! !

Unknown said...

What a beautiful piano. I do hope that you take it up regularly ago; the piano is one of my favorite instruments though I never learned to play.

Unknown said...

I love love the piano. My father is piano junky, obsessed with buying pianos for super cheap, so we have two (one upright and one baby grand) at our house, and one grand at my grandmas house haha. I usually just stick to playing the upright.

Unknown said...

very nice fashion

Unknown said...

Lovely Piano! I do have a baby grand in the living and it is taking rather a lot of upright is a good choice! Oh, I remember those days too when my piano teacher could hear the clicking sounds of my nails on the keys. She was never impressed by that :-D and I was send home on more than one occasion before the end of the lesson... . Have fun with your piano!

Unknown said...

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