Saturday, 19 March 2016


It's especially easy to pull off earth hour when half of your house is out of power anyway.

Well, we've had quite some earth hours here already, but there should be an electrician coming over next week. Good thing we have a gas stove.

But yes I know it's earth hour -over here, right now- and I am on the internet. But it's with battery life, not charging! And I will closed the lid soon anyway. Ok! Earth hour. Closing it now. Bye!


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Shanna Conner said...

I wonder if all countries would participate in this short event? Mother earth will be happy a bit.

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Albert jack said...

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Jenny Fulton said...

They should have an advocate for this event! This has a good cause for the earth.

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Phil Baker said...

Earth Hour is a splendid initiative! If in Canberra there was a 73 per cent participating in Earth Hour and 11.4 per cent drop in electricity consumption for the hour, what about the amount of awareness and understanding the event spread across the world? That would be incalculable! I shall certainly observe earth hour next year! that is a fact.

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