Thursday, 17 March 2016


Facebook has this habit of reminding you of old posts and memories, and while the alogorithms often may feed you memories that are rather random ("Oh look, I shared this meme two years ago!") they sometimes do manage to remind you of events that makes you go 'aaaaw'. Some time ago a picture popped up in my feed of me and a growing bump while on vacation in Tenerife four years ago. It's strange that that actually was  that long ago already, but on the other hand it could as well have been twenty years ago. I think most memories turn "timeless" after a while.

As the weather - apart from some really nice and spring-like sunshine yesterday- has been rather grey, foggy and gloomy fro quite some time already I took a look back at the sunshine four years ago. (A lot of pictures that however never really turned into a blog post back then.) We flew to Tenerife with Eddi and the boys as well as my sister and her husband (or, fiancé by then), leased a small house in one of the more quiet areas. An idea we came up with on a rainy day in the archipelago the summer before. I haven't been on vacation anywhere warm since then (or on vacation anywhere at all, actually) and, well, wouldn't say no if the chance came up!

I almost forgot how short I had my hair back then!

 And haha oh my, I remember thinking my belly was sooo big then already...
Well, it would turn twice the size after that and the fella who came out of there is so big by now it's a bit weird, how times go.


Võ Thị Mỹ Hoà said...

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p said...

I still remember when you cut your hair, it inspired me to do the same (I has always been a slave to my long hair). I loved it, and I still think it suits you really well :)