Wednesday 20 June 2018


Hello! Even though it may not always seem like it, I am still here! At least for the joy of all of those marketing SEO- and escort services, who I know from the comments are the ones that for sure still visit ("visit") my blog.
But this is however a quick one, because now I am off to Italy to enjoy myself! But I did manage to schedule a couple of small posts so the spambots have something to dig in to.

Happy midsummer!
(...and for all the Finns, the greeting you have to add to this holiday: take it easy and be safe!)

Vintage travel poster by from ze interwebs - the artist  is Mario Puppo, who did a lot of travel posters in the mid 1900s.


Hansu said...

Hello from a human being. Just wanted to let you know it's not only bots who visit your blog :D Enjoy your holiday! said...

I too still visit! Enjoy your break💜

Anonymous said...

Me three!!

Alicia M said...

A few days late but I also always enjoy checking out your blog! I love seeing images of your life, Finland and your travels. Keep it up :)

Radostin said...

I'm a human who visits your blog, too!