Tuesday 9 October 2018


Today it's the gloomy Halloweenish weather one would expect with mid-October approaching (already! What? How?), but yesterday we woke up to a breathtaking colourful frosty sunrise that I even tossed out barefoot for to try and catch with my phone -

The view to the south is often like a painting. This is also the bathroom view, and one day eventually the view from the study-to-be; the brown room which for the moment is just (you guessed it): boxes.

Colourful trees to the west! And the old barn of the farm peeking from behind them.
The study will be the only room in the house, apart from the living room, with windows in two directions. That actually makes it the nicest room in the house. This, plus an apple tree in the front, would be the view from the second window.

Amazing colours to the north!

And the rising sun in the east.

I really love crips autumn mornings like this, when the air is fresh and cold and the light makes everything magic.  But give it a month and we will be up earlier than the sun, wake up to dark mornings, when the universe evens out all those light days we got during summer...


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Liz said...

Wow, that's SO beautiful! I love skies.

kfrogpath said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for the barefoot effort, totally worth it <3 Autumn is my favourite, this is exactly why, the light is just something else. Can I come stay on your farm in October one day please?!

Porcelina said...

Stunning photographs! What a beautiful place to live. X

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