Sunday, 19 October 2008


My cat is doing waaaay better now
(and the dress is Diesel, bolero HM if someone wants to know)

I'm a busy girl - I think I would need the day to be about 30 hours long, and the week to be three days longer.

Next week I' should be very productive :
-go to work every day
-clean the flat and organize my papers
-sew an outfit (burlesque)
-give an interwiev and have a photoshoot (more burlesque)
-do a couple of mystery shoppings
-buy an old car (getting too cold to bike soon, heh)
-do a boring layout of 60 pages (but it pays ok, need the money for the car)
-go on three dates and one talk (yup I'm a busy girl indeed)
-preferably do some savate, go to yoga class and maybe even pop by the gym

I wonder if it's an option to just stay in all week and watch Twin Peaks and Oz instead?

(...or to do some interneshopping? Maybe you've stumbled upon cocosa already? It's a luxury webshop that will offer special sales of various designer brands for members only. If you're interested there's more info on the site; sign up using the membership code freelancers. The code is valid for ten days!)


Oriane said...

I totally understand ! I should organize lots of papers, try to advance my créations, take charge of my blog, and continue to write (i write stories for children) and to search an editor !
And i would like watching Twin peaks too !
(I think my english is terrible, sorry !)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Je pense que ton anglais est comme mon francais (ou un peu plus meilleur peut-être)... pas parfait mais on nous comprend :)

Cathy Voyage said...

You busy busy girl! But my week sometimes is like yours, especially from november, when my new side job starts...

Mrs Munster said...

Just reading your "to do" list for the week made me exhausted! In October I'm struggling just to get up and go to work. I would choose staying in and watching Twin Peaks with a cup of hot chocolate :)

a cat of impossible colour said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy! My week is looking like that too ... but I'm glad your kitty is better. :)

Miss_Red said...

Lovely dress, I love the detailing on the hem. Sounds like you have a busy week planned, you're very good! I'm just happy if I make it to work each day haha
Love your blog :)

Sal said...

Hooray for healing kitties! Good lucky with your bizzy, bizzy week.

Anonymous said...

So pleased that your cat is feeling better now! Lovely outfit by the way, and beautiful hair :)

Mademoiselle M.

Ilona said...

Wow, that's a long to-do list you have! I wish I could be as productive, but I know I won't be.

Annie said...

I have that Cocosa hing going on on my blog too! the code is "modeandme". It shopuld be good, they've got PPQ. I've just ha d athought, What if there's a preen sale. with the power dress. AAAARRRGGGHHH MUST START SAVING UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok that's a lot of things to do in one week! It's good to hear your cat is better :)

david santos said...

Well, well, well!
Beautiful posting and pretty cat. I love cats!!! Congratulations!!!

sueper said...

I would opted to stay in and watch twin peaks!!!

The Clothes Horse said...

Your hair looks so lovely here and the black outfit is very chic. Good luck with all that productivity!

Dotti said...

Dear, yeah, yeah, yeah! But even with longer days that problem wouldn't stop I guess. Since I suffer from shortness from time as well I'm writing lists and try to set up priorities.

eliana said...

i always like your posts!
And your outfits are awesome

Scheharazade said...


this cat is adorable and the dress lovely !


Pratishtha Durga said...

Your "to do" list is longer than mine! You are a busy girl indeed. In Mumbai, it never gets too cold to be on a bike. Good to know that the cat is better now.

Miss Woo said...

Good to hear about the kitty, and as good as your outfit looks, I'm loving the plait in your hair :D

Anonymous said...

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