Tuesday, 25 August 2009


You know how the story goes. You meet. It's either love at first sight, or then an interest slowly developing into something more. But either way, if everything goes well you get one another one fine day. You go on adventures together, as well as go through everyday life.

But, at some point you notice that things are not like before. You don't see each other that much anymore. You don't long for each other like you used to. You may have grown apart (literally). You realize you never go out together. You find new points of interest. You might even find it hard to believe you actually spent so much time together back in the days. You may seem so different from each other now. And even if feelings might still be warm, there just comes a point where you, even if it may hurt, have to take the guts to take action and say it out loud: I just don't see a future for us anymore.

I have done it.
In other words, I'm selling some more things away in my other blog!

My saffron colored skirt that should rather belong on a parade girl spinning a stick along with red jackets, white boots, trumpets and elephants (or on you :) than just hanging in my closet. My most wonderful bowed dress and my sandals that say True love!
I will go through some more breakups during the weeks to come so stay tuned.


Clare said...

I think I need to take this difficult step too with about half of my wardrobe. Unfortunately I'm feeling clingy at the moment and I'm relying on their emotional support. Must break the ties.

Angel said...

It's so not fair your shoes are too big for me... I really like the sailorette ones.

reckless daughter said...

I loved that build up! lol

well done.

MargieF said...

dont do it! they are all too cute to let go of!

Ekaterina said...

What a lovely post! I was on a brink of tears due to my recent divorce when reading your text, but then started laughing as I finished it. Thanks! And I will most definitely check out the items too.