Saturday, 29 August 2009


I'm not really an arrogant A hole. But I am rather unorganized. And very busy.
I tend to forget to answer questions I get in my comments. Sometimes it can take me a long time to answer blog related mails written to me too.

So I thought I'd do this thing were you can ask me anything and I will answer almost everything!

This is my sneaky-suspicious look when I say, ok, go ahead and ask then.

I'll answer a couple of questions/requests I remember now straight away
1. Make up
I get lots of questions about makeup. But the thing is, I will never do a makeup tutorial - there are tons of youtube tutorials out there that go for the same look and they're all pretty much similar to each other. I do the same make up almost every day, just make it heavier and add some glitter for shows. And in the end you still have to see what suits your own face the best.

But I will do a post about makeup; which products I use and some tricks I rely on, that I promise!

2. Photos
"I'm always curious about whether you take all your own photos and how you always manage to get the lighting so spot on? "
Well, first of all I have a pretty good camera. Not a great one, but an OK that can take great pics if you do it right. If there's not time nor good light for getting it right, I fix the photos in Photoshop afterwards, Levels, Curves etc. Basically there's nothing I can't do in Photoshop, although I prefer to get away as easily as possible. (Well as you can see the photo above has some more playing around than just levels and curves - sometimes that's real fun too - especially if you should be working with something different than making yourself look all 1939 for example :) I indulge quite a lot what I like to call "forced photography" -heheh- as I have my sister or a friend take some pics for my blog ("You have to take some pictures for my blog now!"), but I do take many of them on my own too.

That's it. If you post a question here during the weekend and perhaps the beginning of next week too I promise I'll answer them all by next weekend in a post!

Oh, and if you come here a lot and react a lot and I have forgotten to link you let me know!


Anonymous said...

I have always wondered what it is you really work with?

Katalin said...

Have you lived in Budapest? What did you do there.

LilyD said...

Great picture! Any photoshop secrets or other editing tips and tricks you'd like to share ;)?

WendyB said...

How do you take such gorgeous pictures?! :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you use hair extensions or is it ur real hair?

Anonymous said...

What is your favourite food?
Do you work out?
What is your favourite band?
And movie?
And book?
What languages do you speak?
What do you usually eat during the day?
What is your favourite bar&club in Helsinki?
Are you one a diet or think what you are eating?
Are you vegetarian?
When did you became so stylish,
have you always dressed that way?
What kind of style you had when you were a teenager?
Height & weight?
How did you get the idea to start performing burlesque?
What educations do you have?
Do you have a boyfriend? ;)

I had a "couple" of questions :)
You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic x

Aisling said...

How did you get involved in Burlesque performance?

I wonder said...

What's yout name?

Anonymous said...

i would love to know the story behind your "förlåt mig" tattoo! been a follower of yours for a long time and always wanted to ask. of course i understand if its personal and you dont want to share, but just thought i´d ask! you have a wonderful blog, keep up the good work :)

Fliris said...

Do you promise to answer me if I send you an email and ask about where to go and what to see in Helsinki if I ever end up there? I'd love a night on the town in Helsinki. Oh! And I know this is the first time I'm commenting (I'm not much of a commenter), but I'd just like to say that I've followed your blog forever and you are such a style influence on me (apart from the fact that you have a little (alot) more money than an art student with a crappy payed job on the side). Can't wait to move to Berlin to score some better vintage than here in Oslo. Say when if your in Oslo and need someone to take you drinking and possibly dancing.

Much love

Anonymous said...

How do you manage such a hectic lifestyle with freelancing, sewing, your job at the harbor, and burlesque and still manage to look absolutely fabulous?

Monica said...

Have you ever seen the comic Fritzi Ritz?

Check out this blog post about it

(OK, so it isn't REALLY a question, but I thought you might like it :P)

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I do love that above photo- it's really striking.

Florrie x

Anonymous said...

How tall are you?

SunSun said...

I love dark/bright lipstick shades, but whenever I wear lipstick, my lips get chapped. Is there any trick to avoid chapping?

If I put lip balm on my lips before applying lipstick, my the lipstick starts "sliding" off my lips even though I have used lipliner.

Any tips on how to get the lipstick stay on your lips and how to avoid chapping at the same time?

eini said...

Where you've taken your tattos and are all of them your own design?

What are the names of your cats? They are gorgeous! I love cats and pics about those two makes my day.

LR Photography said...

Finland must be a great place.

Sandra said...

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do they look like you?

Anonymous said...

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