Sunday 14 March 2010


Some time ago I said that you could ask questions if there was something you were wondering about. So here's the answers. And some soft Sunday music to go along:

(I always like the Lee parts better in all Lee and Nancy songs).

At some point earlier I got the question of how I decided where to live?
-Well, apart from a couple of student exchanges abroad I've always lived in the Helsinki capitol area, the past eight years rather central. I joke that I'm slightly geographically discriminative in terms that I could not really consider myself to live elsewhere in Finland than around Helsinki. (It would probably be different if I'd have grown up somewhere else I guess...) When it comes to part of town I've lived in the same area the past five years, I originally moved there since the prices are more affordable. This summer however we'll move west of the city to a bigger home.

What computer do I have?
-I used to have an 22" iMac, now I have a MacBook Pro 17". ALso dreaming about the 27-inch iMac, but I guess one computer at a time is enough...

Do I work with photoshop to get my pictures so white or is it just the natural vibe of the cold north?
-It depends on the picture, when and where taken. If there's good light I use manual settings for a slightly overexposed effect, with long shutter speed. Otherwise I adjust the curves and/or add some white to faint out the edges for a more dreamy look in the pictures (like here, also with added lens flare).

Then I get a lot of questions about make up:
-A tutorial? Noup, I don't think I'll ever do one but I have promised some sort of make up post forever. Now I'm really going to try and do it soon!

-The blusher I use is GOSH; the peach and the dark pink shades.

-If I change my skin routine in winter? Yes. My skin gets both flakier and fatter in the beginning of winter but evens up after some time. When cold I try to avoid too much water on my face; I wash it in the evening just before going to sleep but not in the morning, perhaps only wipe it off with tonic. I put a lot of moisturizer on at night but none in the morning, except for some eye serum. I use a serum for my lashes and lots of hand creme in winter too.

Could I post about how I tie my scarves around my head?
-Yes, not that I really tie them in any special way but I'll give it a go at some point!

Is it possible to buy a IttyBitty Tease Cabaret Shake! patch anywhere?
-Yup, we sell them at some gigs of ours but you'll be able to get them trough my blog soon too :)


Gina Americana said...

Sooo glad someone asked you to do a head scarf tie-up tutorial! Just looved the last one you did. And I'm needing to look THAT good on bad hair days. Anxiously awaiting your expertise ma'am...

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes, your blog is just soooo wonderful and gives me a lot of energy!

A footprint from Sweden by Agneta

Breitling Replica Watches said...

Thanks buddy for sharing the video with us. keep it up.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Gina Americana : great :) Just have to get the pics done then...

Agneta : tack skall du ha!