Saturday 24 April 2010


This morning I put on my blue bow shoes and bicycle dress and headed south with Eddi and Ina (who this time left her Mr.T at home).

We took the ferry across the Finnish Bay to Tallinn. ( It's not as serious as it looks :)

Eddi taking picures with his iPhone.

The result (hipstamatic for ze iphone. Works quite well, even though it gave me zombie arms here). The whole scenario to be seen here.

...And some more results. As you can see from me and Ina, the sub-theme of the day was taking photos.

The actual theme of the day was the Tallinn vintage and retro culture fair! Evergreens in Estionian, free Martinis and a lot of desireable furniture. I'll get in on that some more a bit later. You can also read more about the fair on Ina's blog.

Afterwards we went to Kompressor for stuffed pancakes and cherry juice (Cherry juice! That's something they don't sell at home!). And btw as you can see I cut the sleeves of the dress into cap sleeves as planned.

Mushrooms, blue cheese and garlic sour cream -they sure now how tho make pancakes in the Baltics! (and in Hungary too btw, even though different there).
I go to Tallinn about once or twice a year and have the pancakes at Kompressori on almost every visit. But I still always forget how to find the place, almost give up and then bump in to it by accident. Every time.


And then it was time to take the boat home. View from the window.

It was a fun day! (And we were almost colour-coordinated. Bring in the tuulipuvut! ;)

(my dress is vintage, the shoes from ModCloth and the small beret form Molla Mills, Eddis shirt is from VintageEija's and Ina's vintage dress is from Sivletto, if you're interested in those facts.)


Leia said...

looks like so much fun! and you and eddi make such a cute couple :)

A said...

Again your hairdo is the loveliest! :-) It's a pity that I just cut myself a fringe, it's too short for that kind of curls!

melina bee said...

such an adorable dress!! just love it. You make me so curious about the Norther European vintage scene and how it would compare to America's.
melina bee

home lighting said...

Gotta love those Iphones

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Leia : yes we do ;)

Anniina : I know the feeling. Although sometimes I miss having a short fringe too - but now I'm aiming at long hair with the ability to do fax bangs.

Meilna Bee : I think the scene here perhaps varies more between the old east and west than north and south, but still surprisingly little, depends. As I have no personal knowledge of how it is over seas I couldn't really guess how they differ, but might be that hings are pretty same over here too...or then not :)

Home Lightning: Well you do get pretty ok photos with them yes!

Velvet Liberteen : thanks :) But I actually think I smile quite much in my pics?

Gina Americana said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have tons of vintage Soviet stuff (lived in the former SU many years) and would have loved to see what they had & their nice presentation of things. Do you know if they have this event often? If so, I must go next time!

Tinker Bell said...

I always manage to lose Kompressori as well so in case you still remember the address, please tell me! :D

AND I just found cherry juice at Eestin Herkut, near Soul Kitchen. And cherry yoghurt. You should most def shop there as well.

Clare said...

Wow what beautiful shoes,hair,dress and little hat!
That pancake looks incredible too! I'm going to try (and probably fail) to recreate it this week.

Lexy Mademyday said...

I simply LOVE your hair-do! It's such a shame i'm not able to do that with my hair...

liivi said...

the name is actually just kompressor, without the i in the end ;) and their pancakes are notorious for all us tallinners :) lucky you that you've always gotten a table there when you've gone, most of the time i try, they seem to be full :D

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Gina : It's once a year. I will write some more about it soon!

Tinker Bell : I actually thought of that while writing my post, I have to start going there!

Clare : Well even if it'd fail a little bit I bet it will still be rather good :)

Lexy Mademyday : I'm sure you'll be able to if you practice a while :)

Liivi : Yes true, KompressorI would be the Finnish version... We did have to wait a while to get a table yesterday!

Bunny Darke said...

This is a great post. Lovely photos & your day out looks lots of fun.

Jenni said...

Are those little bicycles on your dress? Adorable. I'm dyin'. It looks like you had so much fun!

Janina Modaal said...

You and eddi are such a beautiful couple :).
He's the perfect johny cash-incarnation :).

Unknown said...

Lovely everything!! how do I become your fan on you facebook page?

jewlover2 said...

Wonderful post! I felt very 'included'. :)

Pepper said...

oh that picture of you and Eddi and the bottom of the post is so lovely!
you really suit each other!

kfrogpath said...

i also felt the need to express what a gorgeous picture that last one is of you and eddie :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

BunnyDrake : thanks, it was!

Jenni : yes, it's the bicycle dress :)

Janina Modaal : I had to tell him that!

Elena : thanks! You should be able to join by clicking the button "like" here in my right side column, or then just search for The Freelancer's Fashoin Blog on facebook!

Jewlover2 : that's great :)

Pepper & Kelly : thank you <3

heinis said...

Miehesi on ihan tosi charmantin näköinen! :)) <3 Hänkin kuin jotain ihanaa vintagea! Kerro joskus teidän rakkaustarinanne :]] p.s. Sanavahvistuksena 'partio', hihi!

Lilla Fröken said...

Vad fint det var med en liten basker så där. Så charmiga bilder på er. Den sista bilden var så vacker med blickarna mellan er. :)

T said...

Wow, seems to me that everything about you is gorgeous - even your man! Absolutely beautiful picture of the two of you, love <3

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...


John Taylor said...

Wonderful post. Your photos really tell a story in each piece. Love it. I thought my favorite was the "retro culture fair!" photo until I saw the next one (i.e. "Kompressor for stuffed pancakes") it really gives a feel for the place.
John Taylor,
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Anjlina said...


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