Wednesday 28 April 2010


It's great with a week off after two weeks of working and doing shows. And as usual, as summer is getting closer, more fun things happen and my social life is back in business - Eddi and I are going to see Cash-We'll meet again at Viirus tonight. Later meet up Ina & Mr.T at Sture Jazz.

The play isn't really about Johnny Cash, I'm not sure what it is about actually but it will be a lot of Cahs songs there. And the guy looks an awful lot like Cash!


Janina Modaal said...

Mmm, Mister Cash!
You're in good company, tonight :)

stephanie said...

Have a good evening!
I couldn't watch the show last night... By the time I reached someone to help me it was too late. I think Helsinki and Curitiba have a 5-hour time difference! So even if it had worked, I would've missed it.. =( shame!

stephanie said...

p.s: not that I would understand a thing! ahahaha

Nia B said...

I thought that was Johnny Cash in the photo! lol Have a great night!

Tc, Nia B
Dubai's It Girl

Lilla fröken said...

Åh det här skulle jag ha velat se!