Tuesday 14 December 2010


I received a gift in the mail today, perhaps my first Christmas present of you so like!

Inside the cute packages were two burlesque dvd's; the funny Yule a Go Go Christmas spectacle (which became a prefect ending for our burlesque class today) and Underbelly, about Princess Farhana (who will be performing at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival in february, where we will be performing too :) From a lovley reader of mine, Joanna from Poland.
Thank you ♥


Elle said...

Christmas presents ALREADY? I am full of envy. Your reader is so sweet and I love presents that are beautifully wrapped. :)

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Anonymous said...

I spot so many things that would be perfect for the authors of the blogs I read (sad huh?) Well next time I see something fitting I will ask for your address. An aside - I just bought a little house in Lyttelton harbour with my lover, and of course I thought of you. It's a town built around the harbour up on the hill, really splendid, and I just love looking out to the docks, watching the welding sparks fly from hundreds of meters away, and my gosh the place never sleeps! Do you work nights? It's a secret world down there. Anyway, I did read about your job on your Formspring and I find it to be fascinating, just an unusual place to work. And I don't know how the men stay focussed with you around! :p xo

Nolita said...

It is so cool to receive presents from readers!:)

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mispapelicos said...

How wonderful is that????

Anonymous said...

super cute! i love that video!


red hot annie

Pleasant Gehman/Princess Farhana said...

Happy Holidays, see you soon!!!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Emma : You have to put photos of your house (and the view:) ! I used to work at night, now it's only early morning-day or late evening. Since they are trying to move as much traffic to the new harbour outside of town our harbour is pretty calm after midnight nowadays..

Princess Farhana ; Happy Holidays to you too, and see you soon indeed :D

Aaron Max Design said...

Yule A Go-Go is the PERFECT holiday gift!!

Anonymous said...

is your name Ulrika? I'm really surprised because I haven't seen so many ulrika named.. My name is also Ulrika so that's why it stood out for me :)