Wednesday 19 January 2011


Oh, have I got news for you:

We have once again worked out this nice thing with Vivien of Holloway, and this time they are kind enough to offer one of you a chance to win a £50 gift certificate! Just in time for you to perhaps get yourself something nice for Valentine's Day...

To enter you'll need to answer five questions related to the brand.
Email me your answers to - use VIVIEN OF HOLLOWAY VALENTINE'S as the subject so I'll be able to find your emails in my inbox!

The questions are as follows:
1. What size is 36/28/40?

2. How would you measure yourself to get the correct bust/waist/hip measurements?

3. Can you tell me in what clothing we have the sweethearts fabric?

4. Where is all the Vivien of Holloway clothing manufactured?

5. Where was our shop before we moved to Holloway Road?

Visit the Vivien of Holloway site ( to find the answers!
The winner will be drawn randomly among those who have answered correctly.

The competition is open until February 11th when I will announce who has won the gift certificate.
Vivien of Holloway can offer you next day delivery so you'll get your items in time for Valentine's Day :)

Good luck!


Katja said...

Send! Nice 'quiz' :)

Lacey said...

Best. Contest. Ever.

Thank you!

mallis said...

Yay love this competition!


Olivia said...

Great competition! Cross my fingers!!!!